Larry Rutland

Larry Rutland

BandChristianAdult Contemporary

My music tells a story of my personal relationship with Jesus. The songs I've written come from Him so I can find happiness in sad times. My mom passed in 1990, but it was the song God gave me to cope with her death that compelled me to keep writing and get His message out to everyone listening.


I began singing in the choir when I was 10 years old. My whole family would come to the front of the church when I had solo parts to sing. When Mom died, I quit singing. I lost the joy to do it. For 7 years I went silent. But one day a feeling came over me to pick at the piano in our house. I never took lessons, but 6 months after I sat down to play for the first time, I wrote my 1st song. The joy was back, and it was through His power that I could start again after the pain I went through. Mom was a very big influence because I feel that she pushes me to this day along with God, because the songs He gives me to write need to be heard, whether it's by 1 person or 1 million people. I think the one thing that sets me apart from the other bands is that my songs are a story of my life. I have been through a lot since I started writing, so my songs can relate with other people. That's where God's message reaches out to them and comforts them in their times of need. I write songs for a purpose, not "just because".


None to this day. I am in rural South Georgia and it's difficult to get a shot at studio time. My songs are only played at church and social events.

Set List

Since I have never done a concert, only specials, I would have to say that I have 7 songs I play when I do have the opportunity for it. I have sung In Christ Alone, You Raise Me Up, Who Am I, and other contemporary or light pop Christian. I also sing some of my favorite light rock songs you hear on the radio as well.