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Lost All the Light

Written By: Larry Smallie

You're going out of your mind
trying hard find
a way that you can win
You don't care how I feel
all you cruel words reveal
is the hurt down deep inside
I can no longer take
the abuse you mistake
for what you think is true
you have closed heart and mind
and I just don't have the time
for the love that it would take

You have lost all the light
that once was in your eyes
your pain is way too big
and there's no compromise
for the hate deep inside
you know is bound to win
You know no other way
but to hear people say
they failed you once again
You've walk out of your life
there seems no real way
to bring you back again

You've found out what it's like
to live the rest of your life
living with your pain
And there's no other way
no matter what I say
that this will ever end
You have locked yourself inside
no one can ever make it right
there's no door to enter in
For you've lost all your light
and now darkness us your friend