Larry Suess

Larry Suess

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

"Larry Suess melds the power and warmth of Josh Groban, the range and passion of Ronnie Dunn, with a touch of the blue-eyed soul of Daryl Hall, in his stunningly-crafted original songs, an eclectic mix of pop, contemporary folk, country, rock , and r & b."


Suess was born into a large family in St. Paul, where he learned to love harmonizing with his family when he was just five. After learning “keys” on church organs and developing his vocal skills in choirs, he heard Elvis and was hooked on rock, soul, blues and R&B. Larry taught himself how to play the guitar, and was soon sought after by several rock and pop bands that vied for the strength of his vocal powers, as well as his mastery of keyboards and guitar.

During his high school and college years, Larry spent several years playing with well-known Minnesota bands, one of which opened for such major artists as Santana and Elton John while on tour, and was inducted into the Minnesota Rock/Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

Larry became a solo act in the 80's to hone his original music which started coming fast and furious. Years of piano club appearances grew his ability to spontaneously interact with the crowd, to cover just about any style of song, and gave him a venue to offer his original tunes in different settings and styles.

Suess has performed in a variety of venues from rock clubs, outdoor festivals, elegant jazz piano lounges and European resorts. He’s at home playing keys, guitar and singing lead vocals for the several bands of which he’s a long-standing member, but he really shines solo. He recently finished recording Still A Minstrel with all of his own original material, featuring an eclectic mix of Rock, Pop and R&B served up with a slight twist of lilting Latin-numbers.

Suess’s songs would be impressive enough if they were simply wonderfully crafted, radio-ready gems. But there’s an actual story behind Still A Minstrel’s pop-inflected melodies, bedrock rhythms and introspective lyrics. After college, he found himself at a personal crossroads and took a trip through Europe. He followed the path of a true minstrel and toured the streets of Europe as a “busker” (a street musician) for four months. He found that his lyrics, arrangements and melodies came to him more spontaneously if he relied on his own internal “soundscapes” and expressed the music he felt within himself without interference from outside influences. He created his truest, most expressive music against the backdrop of nature’s rhythms in his personal musical expressions of hope, longing and introspection.

He’s recorded that music on Still A Minstrel, which has been described as “a melodic, progressive hybridization of rock, folk and jazz…..soaring songs of love, longing and wonder that shine harmonically”. His CD is exhilaratingly joyful. Those fortunate enough to have already heard “Still A Minstrel” describe it as “uplifting”, “eclectic”, “polished”, “straight from the heart”, and “feel-great music”.

Suess says

“Waves of sound have changed me, saved me, given me release, and helped me find career and purpose. Like ocean waves that roll on for great distances, the inspirational and restorative waves of music can be passed on.”

Larry Suess plans to continue passing those waves on – his second CD of original songs is already in the works!


Sweet Sweet Summertime

Written By: Larry Suess

Sweet, Sweet Summertime © 2009 Larry Suess
Finally the rains are done
Gratefully we’re squinting at the sun
Angst of wintertime starting to heal
Almost forgot how good this feels

When the warm nights follow hot days
Lazing by the lake soaking up the rays
Sunset ushers in a night so fine,
In the sweet, sweet heat
Of sweet, sweet summertime

Hot sun warming up my skin
Cool lake beckons jump on in
Warm breezes flowing from the south
Watermelon dripping from your mouth (Ch)

Strolling by the beach where the bodies tan
Scent of coconut oil wafting over the sand
Feels the summer when we first met
You set my heart on fire and I’ll never forget. (Ch)

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Album: Still A Minstrel

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Set List


Unlike most artists, Suess’s setlists can change drastically to fit the mood of the crowd he’s playing to, to relax, connect or energize them onto the dance floor. Along with his original songs, his covers range among

The Beatles
Van Morrison
Bill Withers
It’s A Beautiful Day
Roy Orbison
Elton John
Billy Joel
Dan Fogelberg
Paul Butterfield
Jackson Browne
King Harvest
Billy Ocean
Ashford & Simpson
Standard Jazz Songs
and much much more!