Hired Gun

Hired Gun

 Eagle Point, Oregon, USA

A new band showed up in Oregon featuring Tom Stinson on guitar, Way out Larry West on lead guitar, Franklin Jonez, guitar, Kirk Gibson on bass, and Rockstar DX on drums. Playing all original material, influenced by the rockin western lifestyle of the Rogue Valley.


Hired Gun, Original Music from the Rogue River Country
The musical group, Hired Gun, formed in the summer of 09, performs their own brand of Southern Oregon Rock. Created in the wilds of the Rogue River country, their music flows like the river itself , wild and savage, yet can become cool, calm and very inviting at times. A typical Hired Gun Performance will include, hard rockin numbers, pop melodies, introspective ballads and even tender love songs, all neatly fitted together to make a show full of good clean fun and exiting entertainment. A strong work ethic , professional attitude, excellent equipment (including PA system) along with their exceptional talent, all add up to make Hired Gun a perfect fit for most musical venues.

Listen to Hired Gun at www.myspace.com/hiredgun4 or www.hiredgunsite.net
For booking info, Larry West @541-826-7262


Full Measure W/Full Measure
Open Range
Whatever(Happened To Love)
In These Hills
What Doesn't Kill Ya
Feelin' Fine

Set List

All Original Larry West and Tom Stinson and Franklin Jonez compositions.
1.Before They Painted Lines
2.I Can't Love You
3.Most Dangerous Woman
4.Feeling Fine
5.What's Good For You
7.He's My Dog
8.Give It Up
9.The Nice Thing
10.Day Job
11.Little Black Dress
12.Rainy Day
14.Jackson County Line
15.Alien Report
17.I'm Glad Your Bad