Larry Wilder

Larry Wilder


Larry Wilder delivers an unforgettable and authentic Americana show that will touch people's hearts. His repertoire of over 300 songs includes fascinating stories and insights, jaw-dropping guitar and banjo, world class yodeling and singalongs. He has spent 30 years teaching all of these arts.


Larry Wilder's 42 years in show business have been full of heartfelt, interactive shows that reach into the hearts of his audience. He got his start in southern California in the eraGrowing when folk and bluegrass were blossoming. He was a solo entertainer, MC and bandleader at Knott's Berry Farm and joined them for their Japan tour in 1980.
Though I enjoyed live shows, TV, movie and radio commercial work, I longed for the beauty of Oregon and came north in 1981. My musical interests broadened into many areas of the great Americana treasured landscape.
I have led three bands on Europe tours, toured extensively in the Western states and sung with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir during their rehearsal. I am likely the only person ever to sing, pick banjo and yodel in the Old Tabernacle. What sound!
I am involved in arranging and performing for park concerts here in Portland. Interactive yodeling teaching bkgd Gene A 42 years fast-paced show
Interactive, all ages fun show--guaranteed to touch the hearts of the people.
Teaching experience helps in shows and workshops, such as my "It's Easy to Yodel" workshop filmed recently at the Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles.
42 years in show business.
Old-time community singing.
Love to demo fun guitar and banjo passages--sometimes two songs simultaneously.

Influences include: Pete Seeger, Merle Travis and Elizabeth Cotten--all of whom I have opened for; Carter Family, Sons of the Pioneers, Kingston Trio, Woody Guthrie, Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, Chet Atkins, Tom Paxton, Gordon Lightfoot.

The Heart of the People is what I touch--and they touch mine in return. Nothing is sweeter in music.


"Americana Music--Heart of the People" double CD 37 songs
As Bob Shane of the Kingston Trio wrote me, ",,,touches all the bases." Folk, bluegrass, old-time, original, funny and yodeling tunes.

"Goodnight Cowgirl Sweetheart" 12 cowboy/cowgirl tunes
Title song original

"Red Haired Yodeling Girl"