Lars And The Hands Of Light

Lars And The Hands Of Light

 Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK

Meet Lars and The Hands of Light. This brand new 4-person combo out of Copenhagen, Denmark released their first album The Looking Glass in the spring of 2010. As a debut this album seems exceptionally mature, coherent and basically just bloody well done.


Lars and the Hands of Light are by no means green debutants. When you listen to the first two radio smash hits Me Me Me and Hey My Love, Hey Love! – that has already proven their strength in the home country of Denmark – it is hard to imagine that Lars ”i Lommen” Vognstrup was the singer and front man of the successful Danish metal band Raunchy for 10 years. Or that Lars’ musical career started out rapping about The Smiths together with childhood friend, Kim LAS. The two collaborators later formed the electro pop band Money Your Love who had a major hit with For Kristoffer.


"The Looking Glass", 2010.