Lars Ballard & The No

Lars Ballard & The No


Dreamy folk-pop marching songs.


I've always wanted to think about music as a way of living. That is not to say that one should adopt the ideologies of their heroes, instead,I think we should all try to live inside that pure emotional space that music can create within us.
It was with this in mind that I started to put together my band, The No. At first there were two, one in the West, in Portland; and the other in the east, in Brooklyn. When things finally solidified we started to perform my songs together. I'd written them spontaneously, putting down words and chords after coming home drunk from a party, or waking up before sunrise.
That is my general approach to songwriting. I think a song's worth is a function of the time and place in which it was written. I try to channel my surroundings, not writing about my own personal experience, but reinventing the substance of my life. I take events and turn them into senseless metaphor. The result is something more than a voyeuristic and all to familiar look into the mind of a young musician; it is an attempt at connecting with someone, at finding some sort of common ground with people.


The record's in the works, coming in September.

Set List

Our shows last about thirty five to forty five minutes, depending on what we play.

The Life & Times of Johana Americana
Sleepin' Under the Street Lights
I Think You Better Run
Ms. Rosemary
Social Graces
Broken Mandolin
Summer Winds
Not Claimed.