Lars Bygdén

Lars Bygdén


Lars Bygdén was in The Thousand Dollar Playboys, the first legendary Swedish alt-country band formed in 1996. He went solo in 2005 and his first solo album won a Swedish indie award in 2006. His duet with Ane Brun went platinum in Norway. "Good Times" from his new album have been a hit in 2009.


After two albums with critically acclaimed The Thousand Dollar Playboys and an equally successful solo debut, Lars Bygdén is used to praises. Nothing wrong with that. Constantly getting good reviews is no doubt good for the self-esteem. But it can also be a burden to live up to previous success.

That’s probably why the work with Lars’ second solo album was so strenuous. The songs didn’t come as easy as they used to, and he forced them through the quality filter that made his first album, “Trading Happiness for Songs”, so appreciated. The few songs that didn’t end up straight in the waste bin went from good to worthless in a matter of days. It was not a pleasant process, if anything it could be described as a period filled with anxiety. Lars had stopped believing in himself.

Late summer 2007 events take an unexpected turn. When Lars’ girlfriend undergoes a routine examination she’s diagnosed with cancer. A long period of anxiety begins. But in the midst of the crises Lars turns to his song writing – which in some ways becomes a tool for handling the despair.

Among songwriters and musicians, expressions like nerve, presence and honesty have become almost inflated. But when the reality forces itself into everyday life, they suddenly become highly relevant. For the first time in years Lars now made songs just for himself, without a thought about how they would be perceived by others. During this period he wrote the song “CT Scan”, which deals with the times of constant hospital visits and the feeling of powerlessness before the bureaucracy of the Swedish health care.

When relieving news that his girlfriend was out of danger finally came, the most self-revealing work Lars had ever made was almost finished. The songs together formed a document over the troublesome autumn and the darkest parts of Lars’ life. And now as the spring finally starts to spread some light over his life, Lars releases something as unusual as a concept album about the life on the dark side.
And for the first time in his life he’s completely satisfied with the outcome.
Family feelings is released the 29th of April 2009 and recived fantastic reviews.


CT scan

Written By: Lars Bygdén

Where you’ve gone
Where you’ve been
What you’ve heard
And what you’ve seen

In your dreams
Wide awake
Nearly there
Or all the way

Watching you helplessly
Visions I don’t want to see
Growing old through your eyes
Full of life, afraid to die

Going to work
Comin’ home
One day here
the next day gone

All the things
You didn’t say
All the plans
That you did make

All the rights and all the wrongs
All the words and all the songs
Every tear, every smile
Every road and every mile

She’s everything I know
She’s my language and my home
She’s the reason that I’m staying
Hours turning into days
Time throws dirt upon my face
Suddenly I’m so afraid of losing her

Pick a number
Wait in line
Is she sick?
Or is she fine?

No one answers
No one can
Hope we’ll get a CT scan

Feed your fear and lose your sleep
Thought that she was yours to keep
There's something there but we're not sure
Just like they’ve said ten times before

She’s everything I know
She’s my language and my home
She’s the reason that I’m staying
Days are turning into years
Time will magnify your fears
Suddenly I’m so afraid of losing her

Lars Bygdén: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica
Jerker Eklund: Bass, Baritone guitar
Magnus Olsson: Maracas


Family Feelings (2009)
Trading Happiness for Songs (2005)
The Passenger EP (2006)
Dream On (2005)
This Road EP (2005)

Set List

Family Feeling (2:03)
Into the twilight (4:38)
Don't make a sound (3:28)
Don't you miss me (3:43)
This Road (4:00)
CT-scan (4:00)
Dream on (3:58)
Today & Every day (3:39)
Family Feeling/Therapy (4:15)
Good times (4:07)
Family Feeling outro (2:57)