Lars Eriksson

Lars Eriksson

 Karlskoga, Örebro, SWE

"If I'm an Idol? No, I'm absolutely not, but you want people appreciating what you do and that it hopefully will go into their hearts, and enrich their life. That's what music is for."

- Lars Eriksson


Here we have Lars Eriksson, the up and coming Swedish artist. He was first discovered on the Swedish version of American Idol but do not let that sway your opinions, not all Idols are just another media puppet.

He broke free entirely of that image with his début album 'Rust and Golden Dust'. Here you will find the ups and downs of the mind of Lars Eriksson with such gems as 'the lonely journey called life', 'ink well dweller', 'sing for the angels', and more! The album was released on the label HGM(High Gear Music) in Scandinavia on the 11th of February 2011. Produced by Lars Eriksson, with technician Magnus “Maxe” Axelsson on PAMA Records and mastered by Eddy Schreyer at Oasis Mastering in the U.S.

Lars has also been featured in a hit single “Love” with Elin Ruth Sigvardsson, released in 2009. This song became one of the most played songs on the Swedish National Radio in P3 the same year.

Lets hear from some of the critics

Åsa Carlsson from - “A narrative in its tracks, a personal voice, a rhythm that lifts.” “he's moving forward with a rough clear voice, a little Rod Stewart on certain notes, and parry between psychedelic Beatles and pure joy banjo.”

Patrick Forshage from - “The last thing you would expect from Idol participants is an earthy and very Americana-influenced singer songwriter album. But Idol was in no way Lars Eriksson's natural hunting ground, on the contrary.”

Robert Ryttman from - “I think of things that Beck-like "Sing for the angels", wonderfully beautiful and catchy "Ink well dweller" and easy rockin “Cloud of my own rain "all of which are right special and unusual. And inevitably good.”

Rust and Golden Dust is now available on Spotify and in Scandinavia. The album will be released in the U.S. Sometime mid summer.


The lonely journey called life

Written By: Lars Eriksson

I take my bag I go away Away from pain, away from being still I’m gonna get happy without a pill I’m gonna leave my life behind and change
I sit on a bus alone Next to me is a man I don’t know I look at the landscape we’re driving through I look at the world, forever new As we move on on this bumpy road we call life
I book a room in Spain I meet a girl without a name We walk all night up in the hills We talk about God and forbidden chills And when the morning comes we are still awake
It is a lonely trip Sharing is gold for the soul I move from place to place and learn About the fires and the passions that always burn Inside of us, inside of human life
I will soon be a man I do the best I can People hurt each other and fool themselves Create non-existing problems and their own hells I just look upon this world and I feel alone
I long for my real home I will reach there in time It’s not a place, of course, where I can go I have a restless soul without a goal And so I move, move on with my things
Sometimes I feel so alone Sometimes my heart is made of stone And I wish I was someone else In another life, in another place But I’m here, I am now, I am me
A change is gonna come Inside of everyone The world is getting better for every day Don’t let yourself be fooled by the clouds so grey There is a better life tomorrow and not the same old way

Rejected love

Written By: Lars Eriksson

I was sitting by myself alone And you know that in my room I don’t have a phone There was a knock on my door, but I’m not sure It was her, the girl who treasures me She said: I love you, do you love me? I can’t recall if I answered at all
She sat down on my bed: treacherous ground Her face turned red and didn’t make a sound She looked at me like a dog that wanted food I thought to myself “I don’t have a bone” “But neither of us should have to feel so alone” I was careful not to say anything rude
I didn’t know if to kiss her Or if I preferred to miss her “This is just like some movie from before”, she said And she was on a love’s train But I was in an aeroplane All we could do was to wave to one another
Silence is a voice of an equal choice Girls sometimes wish that they were boys And men they blush when the blood rushes too late
Echo is the voice of bouncing back A gecko is a lizard and a rat is a rat A no is a no is a no, I don’t like that
Wanting is a need which wants to defeat Rejecting which is greed of another need She looked at me with original sinful eyes And though the love of spring was in the air My heart for her refused to care
A lock was there and she couldn’t lock it up
And though for some that night was blessed The knife of love cut through her chest For her it was another failure stored in her soul And love is blind and sometimes a fool
It can be oh so kind, and just as cruel All I could do was to try to play my role
Save my soul, save my soul Save my soul, save my soul
You gotta save my soul Come on and save my soul Save my soul, save my soul I got to save my soul


Written By: Lars Eriksson

I have a sexy wife called Boredom About her I don’t really care I’m making love each night with Boredom Our only child is called Despair
Row, row, row you boat alone Row, row, row your heart of stone
I have a death-plan, it is magic I’m gonna lose myself so clear For her it’s gonna be so tragic Not to talk about for our child, so dear
Row, row, row you boat of men Row, row, row until the end
I’ve cheated many times on Boredom You must understand, I felt so strangled I’m gonna leave my wife called Boredom And start to see life from another angle
Row, row, row your load of men Row, row, row for life and men
Row, row, row your boat of men Row, row, row for a better end


Rust and golden dust 2011 in Scandinavia (Will release late summer in US)
Ink well dweller (single, not yet released)
Rejected Love (single) 2010
Love - Elin Ruth Sigvardsson feat Lars Eriksson 2009
One - Bästa från Idol 2008 - Compilation

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