As a lover of music I believe one good hook can change a life. I have made it my goal to create music I would personally like to hear, and that I feel is lacking in most modern popular music.If I can positively affect just one person, through my life, music or personality, I will die a happy man.


As a child I grew up around tons of music. My dad played acoustic, my brother played electric, I played piano, a plethora of vinyl surrounded us. It's natural that I developed a love for music.

I played drums for 4 years in high school, eventually using these skills later in a 3 year stint as a member of local band "Boxhands". I picked up the bass in university as a way of jamming with my best friend (an excellent guitarist).

Eventually I picked up the acoustic and the electric and began writing my own songs. I've written over 100 in the past 10 years, playing in bands here and there. I now co-front local band "Horse and Wells", along with continuing my own solo efforts.

I think what sets me apart from most musicians is the depth of my influences. I love The Kingston Trio as much as The Kinks, or Queens of the Stone Age, or Wu Tang Clan, or Ratatat, or Elliott Smith, or Os Mutantes, or Saves the Day, or Tiny Tim, or Kid Koala, etc. I don't limit my tastes to any one genre, and although my solo material is often quieter, it is never boring.

I pride myself on having more hooks than a tacklebox