A rising force in the Vermont music scene, this hip-hop infused funk-rock fivesome creates new levels of energy everytime they take the stage. With danceable beats, singable melodies, and psychadelic harmonic arrangements, Larson proves to be a live experience all its own.


Take the fun out of playing music, and LARSON would cease to exist. Infinite energy on stage and crowd-pleasing songs are distinct characteristics of this vibrant young group of musicians. Ali Shapiro (FMphasis Magazine) describes the group as "Journey meets Dave Matthews Band at the Beirut table of a kickin' party". Larson has quickly built a solid grass roots following throughout the Northeast since its conception in the Fall of 2002 at Middlebury College. Since the members first shared the stage at Middlebury College's 'Battle of the Bands', Larson has continued to broaden their horizons. The band has opened for Robert Randolph & The Family Band, The Samples, The Pharcyde, Goldfinger, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Virginia Coalition, Matt Nathanson, and other local and national touring acts. For the past three years, the group has matured to become a driving musical force in their college community as well as Northern Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Upstate New York. The momentum the group has experienced is comparable only to the quality of musicians with whom they have shared the stage. Larson is currently supporting their debut release, "A Postcard View", and recently enjoyed a month-long residency at Nectar's in Burlington, VT in October.


Time For A Change

Written By: Josh Bookin

Respond to the call
Don't let this city fall
Find time to assume
Rains keep rushing in
All the birds have flown
Babies left alone
And it seems so long.

Looming from up above
Below push comes to shove
I can't stop thinking of
Apocolyptic dreams.
Sirens blare through the night
Huddled as one in fright
Down shines a blinding light
And we're all exposed.

Gaze out at the stars
From this planet of ours
Realize we're about to experience
Try not to confuse
The system for truth
Realize we're about to experience

Contrast of black and white
Which one means death, which life?
Have our symbols grown old
As the earth grows cold?
They won't ever send help
It's only ours to take
Look inwards through yourself
The world's at stake!

Hope Dies In War

Written By: Josh Bookin

I hear your eyes, they fade
As you call outside my name.
It's been 25 months since you last
wrote me back,
I've seen a dying man's eyes now
there's no denying that
The world's a different place and I
know that I've changed.
When there's blood on the brain you
know your life's not the same.
I miss you more than I've missed
But if I come home is it me that
you'll see.

One life to live
One life to give
It seemed like the right thing
But now I'm wrong
Hope dies in war

I feel your smile in the sun,
I hear your laughter when the day is
finally done.
But there's all of this pressure up in
my head,
I hope it will stop by the time that
I'm dead.
The heat brings the madness and
the mad send it back
With ten times the force, without
any the slack.
Your face is the one thing that still
brings me joy,
And if I ever escape I want to see
our baby boy.


Written By: Josh Bookin

The night gave us so much
The sky ran in circles above us
We, we ruled our lives
Me, I woke outside

Thrown upwards soon to fall
Walking barefoot in the tall, tall grass
underneath my feet
Images of raining thought
Seep to my toes
Dripping slowly back to earth
Regenerating modes

The trees suddenly reached out to
They said please discontinue modes
of apathy
Because life is too quick to spend and
We rise before we start to die

To assert oneself is key
And stray away from what it means
to be a blind continuation
Overthrow existing states
To triumph under one
In chorus we can promulgate
Our freedom from the sun
With no one to stand in our way
A new direction can be swung
To live our lives just for today...
...the end, no doubt, will come


A Postcard View (2005)

FIC Sessions (2006)

Live @ Nectar's (5/23/06)

Live @ Nectar's (10/17/06)

Set List

Apr 21 2007: Smith College Northampton, MA

Jam >>
Mystery >>
A Go Go
Black Or White
With Or Without You >>
No Woman, No Cry >>
Today >>
Take On Me >>
When I Come Around >>
Better Off Alone
You Shook Me All Night Long

*entire set without the Chrises

Apr 18 2007: Nectar's Burlington, VT

Intro >>
Wear Me Right
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
Down >>
Ascension >>
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Blue-Eyed Soul*^
Mystery*^ >>
A Go Go*^
Share Sight*
Hands Of Pirates*^
Time For A Change^
Our Little Drawer^

*w/Will Carroll on guitar
^w/Daniel Sheron on saxophone

Mar 23 2007: The Brick Box Rutland, VT
Set II Broadcast Live on WEBK 105.3
w/Uncle Dave

Duppy Conqueror >>
Hands Of Pirates

Our Little Drawer >>
Wear Me Right
Mystery >>
Share Sight >>
This Must B