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Born Lars P Andersen, Father blues/boogie piano fan (and player), mother/grandmother and her brother played (and made) the 4 and 8 string banjo. At the age of 10-12 I play both the piano and the guitar. 14-15 years old I start composing music. Style evolving into ”Hammond M 100-thru-a-VOX AC 30” jazz, blues, rock. (Jimmy Smith, Brian Auger, Vincent Crane/Atomic Rooster, The Nice, Deep Purple etc). ...yeah those were the days..:o)

Gradually songwriting is divided between jazz/funk/fusion bands and the homestudio. Like many others, I take advantage of the rising of the synthesizer and the multitrack (home)studio. At home I sing and play all instruments as well as arranging and producing my music.

So, at home I continue to write and produce my own music and 2-3 days a week I tour, professionally, as a piano/keys and guitar player for various artists/bands in DK and Germany. I also work as a studiomusician in different studios in Jylland (Ålborg, Randers and Skive) and Copenhagen.

I have gathered some of my demos in various projects/folders, recieving favourable reviews both in the DK and abroad. Keyboards Magazine (the german):…sublime landscapes with surprising harmonic progressions..the Dane still loves his minimoog, and his pitch bend technique is delicate. His compositions often develop into funk and fusion, and one might think this would be difficult to blend with his ambient (Brian) Eno landscapes. But not to Anderson. As a true master he melts different styles into one, thus opening a new fresh perspective for the electronic music”

Herning Folkeblad:………Jan Hammer, creator of the Miami Vice title music and Paul McCartney have not lived in vain. Lars Anderson …….writes songs, that go straight to the heart, athletic, vital, smell of rocksweat…….mostly uptempo, but even in his slow songs, things are cooking. A synth bass obviously unaware of what you can and cannot do. Pure virtuosity on all instruments he plays.……more music must come from this man...”

Lars Muhl ( has okayed this quoting):" ....Thanks for the CD. I´ve listened to it with great pleasure! This is damn good, actually!"

A US singer/songwriter
“I gotta tell you man, ´Walk on Board ´ is one of the coolest tunes I´ve heard on myspace. So often, I get requests from bands, and when I go listen, it sucks and then I have to come up with something nice to say about that persons music.! This tune rocks! Right up my alley too. I wish I could finger pick like that. As a drummer first, I always appreciate someone who grooves hard like you do. I hear some Leon (Russell)in your voice, but you´ve got a sound all your own. I had the pleasure of opening for Mr. Russell years ago at an outdoor festival. It was about 105 degrees (F) and he had a wet towel over his head. The guy looked like Jesus Christ! The crowd went nuts and he blew us all away. Keep up the great writing, Lars. Right about when
I thought the thing was over, in come the bass and drums, and it rocks even harder.....Really good. Are you pitching this stuff to anyone over here?”

a US record/publisher) on three of my demoes sent to him november 2006(mp3´s) on request:
“.....there are sweet spots of Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, and even a dash of the Doobie Bros. Especially in “Poor Boy Blues”.Yet you maintain a unique quality that really gives you your own “signature sound”, and thats what we are looking for. You can rest assured that S.B., myself or P.D. will be in touch........

I have also worked with a few danish filmakers ( DR 1 TV and 16 mm film) on some small, alternative films/projects.... I´ve won a competition, I also received a grant from KODA....and.., well, have (had) a few songs on hold, ..but...thats about it

As a songwriter I tried to focus 100% on the song. I never had enough attention or focus on “the scene”. Maybe I always valued my (musical) freedom too much, keeping an open mind and ear to all good music, whatever style. So my songs never belonged to any particular fraction/genre, they often flew their own way. As did I...

Anyway....:o), today I lead a free, simple, anonymous, low, low...low budget life in two trailerhomes and my studio/atellier somewhere in Jylland/DK. Trying hard to earn a living from playing some pianorockabillyboogie and if possible mix it with own material. Today, after 30 years of constant writing/composing, I have a huge catalogue of unpublished, melodic, catchy, punchy songs, pianocompositions/improvisations( check out )filmmusic/synthesizerinstrumentals and soundscapes. I have some 60 songs (powerpop, r&b/soul, country/rock, popballads) registered by the danish KODA...all waiting for some cowriting or a publisher/recordcompany/art


Me and My Dog

Written By: Lars P Andersen

Me and my Dog Lars P Andersen

Aint got no job
Aint got no plan
Its just me and my dog
we sleep in my van

Aint got no home
Aint got no TV
Always on my own
Alone, but I´m free

Alone but I´m free
Aint no strings on me
I´m alone but I´m free
Aint got no TV

Aint got no lover
Cause she didnt like my style
She dumped me for another guy
More sleezy, slick and sly

Aint got no dreams
I dreamt them all away
Aint as bad as it seems
I can live from day to day

Live from day to day
I sing my blues away
Live from day to day
Dreamt my dreams away

I´m alone but I´m free
Aint no strings on me
I´m alone but I´m free
Aint got no TV

All I got is time, precious precious time
Reading all the signs, waiting for the sun to come
I know it wont be long

Aint got no job
Its just me and my dog
And we aint got no plan
We just sleep in my van


1.Fatal Error (instrumentals)
2.Intuitive Man
3.Kalø (piano improvisations)
4.While Yours Go Free
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