LARSSEN is an italian producer/dj who works, since late 90's, the bass music in UK style: dub, dubstep, postdubstep, post garage, uk funky with a touch of afro attitude. His set is a perfect mix of djing culture and live electronic performance. Actually he's plaing his new album "Pninism".


LARSSEN (aka Gabriele Panico) works with acoustic and electronic sound since 1994. He is a composer, producer, audio performer, dj and musicologist. He studied with Marco Stroppa (Acoustic and Electroacoustic Composing), Kjartan Olafsson (Softwares Composing and Processing), Toshio Hosokawa (East Traditional Composing), Alvise Vidolin (Live Electronics), Luca Francesconi (Live Electronics in Orchestral Scores).
Since 1998, as Larssen, he explores electronic and world sound ways. He produced tunes and remixes for different labels: Leaf, NTW, Sonic, Diapason, Pocket Panther, Dirty Drop. He played as dj and live performer in many european festivals electronic and world oriented in Italy, France, Deutchland, England, Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Holland. In 2008 he starts to produce regularly for Pocket Panther Records: the singles Cue Rebel, New Come Turks, Subsinqo, Unfame Majesty. He appears with two tracks in the Moods 2 compilation. In 2011 he starts to produce for Dirty Drop Records with a remix for the Kazhakistan artist Toy Quantize, Warlock - Lassen Remix. Other remix and ri-edit works are produced for Plaid (UK), Nasty Crew (UK), Bad Manning (D), Nick Van Gelder (Jamiroquai, UK), Sentimental Machine (ITA), Least Upper Bound (ITA), Monotype (ITA). Since september 2011 he plays live for Nasty FM (London, UK): every friday 2-4 PM GMT his dj sets mix a new mediterranean electronic music way. Out on may 2012 new full lenght album Pninism on CD and Digital Pocket Panther Records / Puglia Sounds.
Since 2002, as Gabriele Panico, his scores Massafoneta (2005), Adastra Peraspera (2007), Alunaarii (2006), Paesaggio Sonoro Tra 15 e 25 Metri: Campanili (2004), Radiotecniche 1-8 (2003-2010), Pernambuco (2009) are played in important contemorary music festivals: Tokyo National Academy (JAP), Koln E-Muzik Prize (D), IRCAM Espace de Paris (FRA), Taukay Festival di Udine (ITA), Risonanzexpò di Pescara (ITA), Nuova Consonanza di Roma (ITA), De Musica - Laboratori di Roma (ITA), Cineteca Nazionale di Roma (ITA), Urticanti Festival di Bari (ITA), InContemporanea Festival di Noci (Ba). In 2004 by Fondazione Archivio Luigi Nono in Venice (ITA) and Università degli Studi di Bari (ITA) he wrote a book about music of Luigi Nono. Since 2005 his music catalogue is pubblished by AMIC (Banca Dati dei Compositori Italiani) and he start to produce for italian CIDIM and and Radio 3 RAI. He wrote and produced many Original Soundtracks for movies by Rai Cinema, Stefania Casini, Giancarlo Soldi, BIZEF, Sophie Chiarello, Annalisa Chiarello, Heidi Rizzo, Roberto Nanni (DVD “Ostinati” pubblished for Kiwido Prod.), Edoardo Winspeare, Carlo Michele Schirinzi (winning Torino Film Festival Prize in 2009), Chiara Idrusa Scrimieri, Silvia Eleonora Longo, Enza Carmignola, Giuseppe Baresi. In january 2009, the InContemporanea Festival of Noci (ITA) dedicated him a full day to his tone band compositions. In may 2010, as musicologist, he is special guest at III Convegno Internazionale di Studi “Musica e Società” by MIUR with his socio-musical study "Regressione del cittadino italiano: impoverimento cognitivo nell'ascolto", beginning his collaboration with Commissione per l'Analisi delle Musiche Sperimentali del SIM. In 2010, 2011 e 2012 is Compositore Residente e Maestro Concertatore (Composer and Director) of Popoli Festival Orchestra, an afro-asian-european-american ensemble who mix different musical languages. On November 2011 he received from Urticanti Festival (ITA) a special commission to write and produce Der Abschied Retape, a tribute to Gustav Mahler opera. Out now (march 2012) new full lenght album Soundcarraldo, on CD and digital Pocket Panther Records / Puglia Sounds.



[CD/Digital, Pocket Panther Records - album, may 2012]

[CD/Digital, Heavy Basswheights Records - compilation, may 2012: Larssen appears with "Warlock Remix"]

[CD/Digital, Pocket Panther Records - album, march 2012 as Gabriele Panico]

[12"/Digital, Dirty Drop Records - ep with Larssen official remix, december 2011]

[12"/Digital, Pocket Panther Records - single, june 2011]

[CD/Digital, Pocket Panther Records - compilation, september 2010: larssen appears with "Cue Rebel" and "Subsinqo"]

[12"/Digital, Pocket Panther Records - single, december 2009]