LaRue Hill

LaRue Hill

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Real, relevant, and transparent. Experience the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ, made pratical and applicable for everyday living. Ministry thats cutting edge, bridging gaps and bringing forth deliverance and healing for all who are ready to recieve an impartation from The Most High God.


This Album title is a true testimony that sums up LaRue's life. "You Don't Know The Cost Of My Praise", through all the struggles, trials, hurts and disappointments, God has use these things to shape and mold LaRue into the unique gift that he is, not only to the Body of Christ, but also a blessing to the world at large. His ability to transparently lay his life open and naked through his music is what makes his ministry truly anointed. Born and raised in Detroit, LaRue began ministering through music after receiving Christ in 1995. Married with 6 children LaRue now resides in Flint Mi., where God has planted him. LaRue attends Family Worship Center Church where he is submitted up under the leadership of Senior Pastor Timothy R. Stokes, he's also a graduate of Word Of Life Bible College becoming thoroughly equipped to minister the Gospel whether through music or behind a pulpit. After almost 12 years in christian rap ministry, LaRue has ministered with numerous artist including Crossmovement, R-Swift, New Breed, Lil Raskull, Gospel Gangstas, Corey Red and Precise, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Vicki Winans, Kim Burrell, Canton Jones, and Mark A. Parker just to name a few. God has truly shown favor and blessed this anointed man of God for such a time as this.


"The Hook Up" - 1998
"Seek His Face"- The Maxi -2001
"More Than Just An MC" -2003
"Rhyme and Reason"-EP -2004
"Fight The Good Fight"-EP-2005
"The Collaboration" -2007
"The Remix Project" -2007
"You Don't Know The Cost Of My Praise" -2007

Set List

15 to 45 min.