L'arusso is a rock band whose lives revolve around music daily. L'arusso consists of 4 dedicated musicians and friends who have the same goal; to make music as long as possible and enjoy it all.


L'arusso is a rock band from Monrovia,IN. Our Influences:Copeland,Thursday,Deftones,Weezer, Fall Out Boy,Motion City Soundtrack,From Autumn To Ashes,The Early November,Frank Sinatra,Rufio,
Brand New,Blink-182. We have been influenced with many things throughout our lives. What sets us apart from other bands would be our originality and our style.


Come and Get Me

Written By: Chris Mercer

I'm done.
I can't go through this anymore.
I'm too mature.
Picking up the pieces of your reputation.
And it's gone.
The respect you once had for yourself.
Now I'm alone.
It doesn't make a difference 'cause I never bought you flowers.

She said I want you, want you.
So baby come and get me.
I said I told you, told you.
But you wouldn't listen.

So long.
Your mistakes are overdone.
I'm that cool.
I'll make all the choices for you.
If that's unfair.
Then take your business somewhere else.
I'm not scared.
If you want to leave me than go ahead and leave me.

Florida Hates You

Written By: Aaron Lucas

Call me up and tell me how you feel that I can feel about the way that I have acted.
Yes I'm listening, yes I'm listening to you.
Pride before the fall they say but your already on your face and you don't even notice..
What is happening, what is happening to you.

Come home quickly
Don't let one more minute pass you by.

Your wasting your time trying to find a river in that baren town.
When noone wants you around.
We're waiting here with open arms.
I meant that in the nicest way but I don't think you should stay

I wanted more than anything to tell you how I felt about decisions you were making.
They were so wrong, oh so wrong for you.
The truth it would have crushed you..crushed you so flat so you could never stand again.
Once again I'm sorry, once again I'm sorry.

I hate to say I told you so...but I did

Come home quickly.
Don't let one more minute pass you by.

This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Two of Us

Written By: Chris Mercer and Aaron Lucas

Waking up wasn't part of the plan.
Little did I know that it was worth it.
Being as close to you as I can.
It was perfect.

How could this be so wrong,
these dreams of you.
I've waited way way too long,
without a trace.

I did it once but never again.
Nervousness plays a part in this one.
I'm always right so I always win.
Just hold your questions till I'm finished.

Angel, know what you mean to me.
Angel, I hope that you can see.


We recorded our E.P. last summer. It was a self-titled E.P.
We just recorded our full length album in March this year titled: "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us."

Set List

Open with 1."This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us" 2."Come and Get Me" 3. Like Taking Candy From A Baby" 4."EnRoute To Sandusky" 5."Lost In Translation" 6."My Marathon" 7."Little Boy Lost" 8."Dumb Little Girls" 9."Florida Hates You" 10."Trying To Fly With Broken Wings"