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"A Step Above Music" is what L.A.S. has to offer. Tunes that can uplift and a provocative vibe to listen to.


Logical Music Productions presents to you the pure meaning of talent with socially conscious lyrics that resonate with positive content for all ages. Since 1997, Logic started at the bottom of his craft and continue to progress to the top, in writing and performing in a group called Majestyk during the early stages of Logical Music.
The group disbanded and Logic continued working on concepts and ideas for Music Production company. In 2007, as a Producer and CEO of Logical Music, Logic is currently working with independent artists to provide production services and development deals to help in the expansion of new talent from South Florida and guiding Hip Hop back to the essence with a positive movement for Southern Hip-Hop/International Hip Hop.


1. "MindSTATE" Releasing March 25th, 2008
2. :Raw & Uncut" (1997-2007) Greatest Hitz - 2007
3. "Come Off Dat' Chain" Collaboration Project - 2005
4. "Da Mark Of Death" 1st Solo Album - 2002

Set List

Smooth Thought Provoken Vibe when performing. My will last b/w 15 -20 minutes
1. Politics Etc...
2. On & On
3. Set It Off