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Lasca Mao

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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LascaMao - 2011

Between 2003 and 2005 the band has performed in festivals like Perc Pan, Tim Festival, Festival Arte da Africa at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Festival Latino da Musica Instrumental at the Museu da Republica, and at the event Quintas do BNDES among others. At that time, they composed and arranged the material for their first recording. Between 2006 and 2009, they made a break while many components of the combo were taking care of their solo carrier, and finally in 2010, the band received a grant from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture to record their first album.



Composed by Robertinho Silva, Guto Goffi, Marcos Esguleba, Carlos Negreiros, Orlando Costa, Pedro Lima, Analimar and Mario Broder, some of the best musicians in the country, the band LascaMão releases his first album. The music is only made by percussion instruments and vocals.
The sound is the fruit of 3 years researching on Brazilian rhythms and interactions between the members of the band. A mix of Afro-Brazilian tradition like samba, funk “carioca”, drums from Minas or Maranhao, of course rhythms from Bahia, and obviously, some influences of jazz and rock and sounds from Arabia and Cuba couldn’t stay out of this project. The result is the LascaMao way of playing music!
LascaMao is a percussion orchestra where the drums and the other instruments with different timbers and sounds can talk in harmony creating a modern music, a universe of an extreme Brazilianity.
A percussion show, with all the possibilities of rhythms, grooves, timbers and patterns. In the repertoire, originals created by the band during the creative process and also arrangements of songs for percussions and voice. The result is a music for the dance and an invitation to travel thought the sound of the drums and the voice into the rhythms from Brazil and the rest of world.

The percussion band LascaMao, idealized by the percussionist from Bahia Orlando Costa and the producer Carla Yared, was formed in 2003, in collaboration with the drummer Guto Goffi.

Robertinho Silva
Reference on his instrument, he is revered in Brazil and in the world as one of the true masters of Brazilian percussions. He brings to the band his geniality and endless knowledge. Robertinho has played with the who’s who of the Brazilian music from Milton Nascimento to Toninho Horta.

Carlos Negreiros
Percussionista, compositor e cantor. Sua musicalidade tem influe^ncia cultural afro-brasileira e indi´gena. Professor e profundo conhecedor do afro- brasileiro, candomble´ e outros ritmos populares do Brasil. No LascaMa~o e´ a voz da experie^ncia.

Marcos Esguleba
A true percussion “bamba” (samba master), he is considered on the best samba percussionist in Rio de Janeiro. Master of the tamborim, repique de mao, pandeiro and tan-tan, he brings to the band his versatility and his unique way of playing percussions.

Orlando Costa
And expert and researcher for percussion instruments from all kind of origins and styles, he has performed for more than 20 years with artists from all other the world. In LascaMao he shows why he is a first call percussionist!

Guto Goffi
He has founded the legendary band Barao Vermelho. In LascaMao he contributes with a spice from the best of the Brazilian rock.

Pedro Lima
The pandeiro “professor”, he founded the group “é do pandeiro”, a musical brotherhood that aims to show the best of the Brazilian MPB during the Carnival. In LascaMao he showcases the endless possibilities of the pandeiro.

Singer and percussionist, daughter of the great Martinho da Viola and sister of Martnalia, Analimar is a backing vocal for many samba artists. She is the femal voice of the band.

Mario Broder
The younger component of the band share the vocal chair with Carlos Negreiros and Analimar.