Lascivial is devoted to maintaining their own sound while performing any style they wish, mixing clean vocals with distorted guitars, and thick bass with electronic drums. The result is a harmonious blend of synthetic and organic, melody and madness that is sexy. Very, very sexy.


Lascivial was founded on a single idea: "Do what makes you want, and let nothing stop you." The music would best be described as "electronic rock", and contains elements of industrial, hard rock, metal, and dance. Compared to bands such as Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, and Depeche Mode, Lascivial is slowly but surely developing an almost cult-like following.

The name, sound, and idea was formally conceived in 2005, and has evolved rapidly since its humble beginnings. What was once a solo project has become a live band, spiraling outward into the form you see today, accumulating fans along the way.

The live show is dynamic and engaging, as Lascivial’s goal is to be as visually and aurally entertaining as possible. The performance creates an atmosphere of lust that cannot be compared to anything else around. Each Lascivial show a complete performance, instead of just a musical exhibition.

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Written By: Lascivial

Astral wasters, spectral vapors
The dancing lights before my eyes are driving me mad
A disembodied voice, says I have a choice
I look around to find the source but all I see is me.
I found a secret place inside where I can run and hide
Love me like you hate me, how you glisten inside

Baby, you knew that someday we were gonna fall
Baby, you know I cannot tell my right from wrong

I sold my holy aura for some burning wings of flame
I laid awake in sleepless nights for dreams that never came
I tore through the illusion of a world sick and sad
And can’t believe I ever chose the life that I once had
I found a secret place inside where I can run and hide
Love me like you hate me, how you glisten inside

Is this a dream? Isn’t everything?
The most… perfect… dream.
The kind of dream that you don’t want to wake up from
But you do anyway, and you’re sweating and screaming

Sixteen White

Written By: Jared

sixteen white, I'm here to find out if I'm gonna die
sixteen white, just to find out if she told a lie
one pint red, and not a single drop is mine
one pint red, and I hope I'm gonna be just fine

She says that she'll never leave me
I've got her for the rest of my life
She says that I'm hers forever
And all it took was a single careless night

16 white, now I know she never really loved me at all
16 white, now I'm hoping that the cross don't call
one pint red, and i would take it all back if i could
one pint red, if i could take all back, i would


Three Song EP "Lascivial" released in 2007.
Full album to be released in June 2008.
Streaming at
Streaming at

Set List

The Lascivial set list can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and a half depending on the venue and show requirements. They are equally comfortable playing originals, covers, and their interpretation of covers. The most recent set list included the following songs:

Tool - Stinkfist
Lascivial - Bed of Roses (lyrics by The Statler Brothers)
Lascivial - Bullet
Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
Lascivial - Come
Lascivial - Cigarettes and Bandages
Garbage - No. 1 Crush
Lascivial - Culprit
Lascivial - Premonition
Lascivial - Wait
George Michaels - Faith (acoustic)
Depche Mode - John the Revelator
Lascivial - Machine Love
Radiohead - Creep
Lascivial - Sixteen White
Lascivial - Healer
VAST - I Don’t Have Anything (acoustic)
Sugar Ray – RPM
The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?
Lascivial - Letter
Cranberries - Zombie
Lascivial - Bottom