Laser & Percussion Orchestra

Laser & Percussion Orchestra

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The community's drummers and percussionists play trance dance rhythms surrounded by incredible laser lights. West African drums join Brazil's Surdos for deep organic bass. Gongs and chimes add deep space shimmers. Surrounded by laser lights, a vast canopy of all color lasers 5 - 50 watts, eye trance


Nini's Brief Biography: I 've been to Tibet five times, to study with some serious Tibetan magicians, musicians all. They taught me their magic in dreams, how to combine frequencies of sound to create beat patterns that evolve the mind. Ambiant music, mind bending...I wrote a book about the Tibetans teachings. I had a dream while visiting Dharamsala, home city of the Dalai Lama. He was thanking me for my book. "What do you want now?" He asked. "I want a sense of rhythm," I answered in my dream. The next day I fell in love with an African who took me to West Africa to study the drum and trance rhythms. We went to a village in Benin, where a small group of Africans and I chanted together and made it rain after a ten month drought. Thank you, Dalai Lama, 'cause I got a great sense of rhythm now, and thanks to the Tibetan magic, the audience just has to dance. I've been a holographic artist and laser artist all my life. I am friends with a couple of great laser artists, and we love to create a surround of holograms with canopy of laser light above the musicians and dancing audience. When everyone gets going, community drummers joining our orchestra, everyone playing or dancing, sometimes we co-create collective magic that dictates the weather. This is my current mission: to get us all trance drumming and dancing together under the laser lights, so we can easily learn to create the weather. Artists have to have missions, we have to think we're going to save the World...


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Set List

We can play all night. Sometimes everything has been said in 45 minutes. Improvisational trance drumming based on West African and S. American trance rhythms: Mendiani, Sofa, Tiriba, Konkoba Djolie, Soli(s), Mani, Kakilambe, Koredjuga, etc. 6/8, 12/8. 9/8 7/8 times not uncommon. The gongs can do sets alone, especially in the kirtan area, or to clear the space in the Ambiant stage area.