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Pick A Door

Written By: Constance Lebron (La'Shawn)

Baby we been together for quite some time. And I feel as though we've reach the point in our relationship were theres only two ways left for us to go. We can move forward or sever all ties theres no in between. Hush! Cause before you make your decision theres somethings I think you already know like


I never hid the way I feel about you baby
But I don't wanna play house no more
And I'm, i'm so damn crazy about you baby
It'll kill me to see you
Walk out that door

But we come to the point where
It's time we move on
You say that you love me
It's time you show me just how strong
Now if you leave me i'm telling you
You'll come back to me
Cause i'm that special woman
That most men are out to seek

Now is it door number one
If you wanna remain a winner
Baby i'm the one
Or door number two
Give me the keys, I'll lock the door and baby we'll be through

Those are your choices
Theres no in between

No other choices, no in between
Give me what I need

Pick a door baby boy
Show your woman
What she really means


From our first date
We became one
After six loving years
You still havent popped the question
I want me a comittment
Before GOD and our families
Baby i'm choosing you
Are you gonna choose me OOh!
I need to know
Which door you gonna choose right now
I can't take it no more


Is it door number one
Or door number two
Those are your choices
Theres no in between

You got to Pick A Door
So choose me now


For a while its been on my mind
Wondering if i've waisted my time
Not once did I put pressure on you
I just believe my dream would come true
Giving you this choice I hate
How much longer must I wait
For you to choose
To chose, to choose me baby ooh
I want you to stay with me for life

Stay with me for life
Stay with me for life
Baby stay with me for life
Baby stay with me for life