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Mueve El Chulo
Esa Tambora
Bounce It
Boom Chaka Laka
El Verano Llego
Que Quien Soy Yo
Esta Noche
100% Latino
Baila Moreno
Summers Back



Lashy's self-titled debut album features a cross culture fusion of Jamaican dancehall reggae, salsa and bachata bumped up against phat urban tracks.
His lyrics feature flows he lives and feels. Whether he is praising unity as in 100% Latino or seducing the woman from from head to toe in his first single Candela, his style appeals to a broad audience.

His current radio campaign for debut single “Candela” includes service to both terrestrial and Internet stations along with various record pools throughout the U.S. and parts of Europe.

Lashy’s describes his biggest artistic influences as Tego Calderon, Vico C, Tempo, Elephant Man, El General, Beenie Man and Daddy Yankee.


Lazaro Perez named after The Patron Saint, San Lazaro, was born December 17th in the neighborhood of Mantillain La Habana, Cuba. Lashy and his two younger siblings were raised by his Mother, Grandmother and Aunt in a house filled with music and celebrations. His mother used to tell them no matter how poor you are no one can take away the music. Influenced by a variety of styles including rumba, salsa, reggae and dancehall Lashy began performing for the family at the age of four. Life was not easy for him or his family and at a young age Lashy knew in order to protect them from the corruption that surrounded his poor Cuban Neighborhood he would have to become the "Man of the House". After school he worked at the "Mercado" making what he could to help provide for his family. He remembers feeling a constant sense of frustration because no matter how much education or how hard you worked you could barley just survive in Cuba. At night he and his friends would sit on the shores of Playa Amariya Beach dreaming of the life and opportunities they could have in America. Finally at the age of 17 he was about to get his chance. On September 30th Lashy along with four friends secured tractor inner tubes with rope and began their escape. They knew they where only 90 miles from freedom if they could just stay alive. Their raft took on water so they spent the next week up to their knees in water trying to survive. It was hard to watch the despair around them seeing many make shift rafts torn apart by Sharks, people just give up hope and stepping off into the ocean. Through out this ordeal Lashy used his music to keep him sane. Creating beats on everything around him and writing lyrics in his head. Finally after one week at sea he and his friends where picked up by US Coast Guards and taken to Guantanamo, where a detention camp had been set up to house those detained at sea. Now alone separated from his friends and told that his stay was indefinite, again he used the rhythms in his head and his desire for freedom to help him get through the frustration and violence that surrounded him nightly. A young marine assigned to Guantanamo befriended Lashy who at this time spoke almost no English and gave him a Spanish/English Dictionary. He would practice with the Marine daily singing in Spanish and English for anyone who would listen. For the next two years he sat waiting and wondering if his chance at freedom would ever become reality. Finally he was transferred to a camp in Panama where conditions where better. One night frustrated refugees hearing that they might be sent back to Cuba began to riot burning tents and fighting with soldiers and each other. The next day he was sent back to Guantanamo where he would continue to wait for any sign of freedom. After another couple of months Lashy was granted entry into the USA.
When arriving in Miami he was told he could not stay and was given the choice of five other states. Lashy chose Arizona where he had heard that jobs where more available. After working several jobs and continuing to learn the language he was able to save enough money to begin to purchase music equipment and perform locally. A chance meeting with Latin producer Joe Zazueta, led to Joe and Lashy combining talents with Hip Hop producer Melvin Johnson. His unique style was then noticed by Fuego Lento Records. Now with the backing of his new label Lashy is finally on the verge of achieving what for so long seemed impossible to a young boy in La Habana…His American Dream.