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las Melli

Madrid, Madrid, Spain | INDIE

Madrid, Madrid, Spain | INDIE
Band Pop Jazz


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Titulares Reformas"

* Las Reformas en Cuba ya han comenzado: las Melli revolucionan la música cubana de siempre

* Nuevas Sonoridades, Ambientes e Intensidades para el repertorio de oro cubano

* Pop, Nu-Jazz y Fusión transformando los mas famosos Sones, Boleros y Chachachás de Cuba.

* Sin duda disfrutarás con las nuevas y sorprendentes “Guantanamera”, “Lágrimas Negras”… Un nuevo estilo que rompe fronteras

* las Melli (hermanas gemelas muy guapas) son nuevas y prometedoras artistas cubanas que, con sus magníficas voces, cantan atrevidos e ingeniosos arreglos para las canciones cubanas tradicionales.

* REFORMAS, es un título muy significativo para este lanzamiento, pues las Melli cambian su nombre artístico (antes Angelisa), su estilo musical (antes el jazz), y… - El Pescador de Estrellas

"Fuegos Artificiales en su Guantanamera"

"Una autentica explosión: fuegos artificiales en su ‘Guantanamera’. Un disco al que se le debe dar una oportunidad. "
- Israel Discos - FNAC

"Highlights Reformas"

* The reforms in Cuba already has began: las Melli revolutionize the cuban songs that you more like.

* New loudness, sounds and ambients for traditional cuban songs.

* Pop / Nu-Jazz / Fusion transforming the most famous Son / Bolero / Cha-Cha-cha of Cuba.

* You will definitely enjoy with surprisings and excitings Guantanamera", "Lagrimas Negras"... a new style that break frontiers.

* las Melli (twins beautiful sister) are the new cuban star rising artist singing bold, ingenious and inteligent arrangements for the old cuban songs.

*With this release las Melli wants to reform many things in her carrear: her name (formerly Angelisa), her music style (formerly Jazz), and... - El Pescador de Estrellas

"Rhapsody Review"

These impossibly photogenic twin sisters from Cuba spent their childhood singing together and studying music at Havana's prestigious Instituto Superior de Arte. After graduating in 2002, Angelica and Annelis Suarez tried their hand at jazz, performing under the name Angelisa -- a conflation of their first names. They released one album, but it wasn't until they joined forces with producer Paco Ortega that they seemed to get more traction. Under Ortega's influence, the sisters underwent a radical shift. Their repertoire has returned to classic Cuban songs, and they even have a new name: las Melli. But don't expect to hear Buena Vista Social Club-style nostalgia; these rock and R&B-influenced tracks would sound right at home on a Peter Gabriel album.

Can Cuba's classic songs -- "Quizas, Quizas, Quizas," "Lagrimas Negras" and "Te Doy Una Cancion" among them -- stand up to a Quiet Storm/smooth jazz facial and mani-pedi? You be the judge. Twin sisters and wonderful singers Angelica and Annelis Suarez bring a global pop sensibility to this set, rendering even a warhorse like "Guantanemera" nearly unrecognizable through the Peter Gabriel/Sting-esque haze. It's a radical revision of the Cuban repertoire, and one we must applaud for its audacity at the very least. - Sarah Bardeen


2008: "Reformas" - las Melli
* (El Pescador de Estrellas - EMI; Spain)

2005: "En Alma Misma" - las Melli (formerly known as Angelisa)
* (Placer de Canos - Karonte; Spain)
* (Pimienta Records - Universal; USA & Canada)
* (RB Producciones - EMI; Mexico)

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Angelica and Annelis Suarez (Puerto Padre, Cuba, 18th December 1979) are “las Melli”. Singers and composers, they have sung together since they were 5 and have won, at the same time, first prizes in Children and Junior's Festivals. They have studied in the prestigious Music University of ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte de Cuba), where they graduated with a first class and maximum qualification in the Speciality of Lyric Singing in April 2002.

Angélica and Annelis are both similar not only in the physical appearance, they are twins, but in their vocal and performing talent. Not just their wide vocal range, their tuning and the colour of their voices, but also for the diversity of the genres that they have ventured to interpret with total success, and for the striking, fresh, casual but elegant image they portray. “las Melli” represents a very interesting example of a vocal format, fusing the traditional music of their native country (Cuba) and assuming the influences of the European music, jazz, bossa nova, R&B and adult pop.

Their recording career was launched in 2005 (with the project “Angelisa”) thanks to their first album “En Alma Misma”. Targeted to a jazz audience, this work featured important artists like Chucho Valdés. They took part in important international festivals, like XXI Jazz Fest of Madrid, Jazz Plaza in La Habana, Son Latinos, etc.

In 2007, “las Melli” signs with the famous producer Paco Ortega (owner of the new truly talent label El Pescador de Estrellas). Together, they venture in a surprising and curious project that becomes in the album “Reformas”, where they give new loudness, sounds and ambients for traditional Cuban songs, with bold and ingenious arrangements. With this release “las Melli” wants to reform various things in their career: name (formerly Angelisa), music style (formerly Jazz)…

“las Melli” proposes to the musical panorama, in their performances and compositions, the fusion of several styles, that not pretend remaining in a hermetic genre. Always looking for a constant experimentation, and betting for creative and ingenious ways.

Rachelle Ferrell, Eva Cassidy, Nina Simone, Elis Regina, Elena Burke, Billie Holiday , Gladys KNight, Brian McKinght, Peter Gabriel, Paula Cole...