Las Migas

Las Migas

 Madrid, Madrid, ESP

Flamenco, Mediterranean, sensitive, exciting, exquisite, heterodox, modern, avant-garde...


Las Migas play flamenco with a traditional base and a feminine stamp, coloured in jazz, fado,
bossa nova, classical music, habaneras, tango... Barcelona is at the crossroads of this
universe, fresh and full of life, filled with details and textures. In the past six years Las Migas
have toured in Italy, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungry, Holland, Tunisia, and Spain, and the
press has named their flamenco as Mediterranean, sensitive, exciting, exquisite, heterodox,
modern, avant-garde…
They’ve released their long awaited first album ‘Reinas del Matute’ (Nuevos Medios, 2010),
with songs written by themselves, as well as adaptations of poems by Federico Garcia Lorca
and Rafael Alberti. The recording includes guest star collaborations from Javier Colina (Bebo
Valdés) and Raúl Rodríguez (Son de la Frontera).


first release to come out at nuevos medios (spain) in may 2010: Reinas del Matute

Set List

60min untill 90min