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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop




"Blo-ing Up the Scenes"

last blo
Baxley, Georgia – While most 22-year-olds are still clueless about their future, Adrien McCall (known to fans as “Last.Blo” or, simply, “Blo”) has had his eyes on the prize since he was a business-savvy child, peddling dope as early as first grade, which taught him the art of business and selling and sparked his passion for entrepreneurship. By 20 years of age, he’d already begun his very own label, Struggle Made Genius Record Label. His love of business merged with his knack for music, fueled by his family’s involvement in the church choir, and he began to tell his story through song.

Blo has a distinct uniqueness about him; a way in which he carries himself that cause people to take notice. His adoring audience is mainly women, he laughs, “They call me ‘Mr. City to City, Titty to Titty.” And while he comes by this clever moniker honestly, there’s a reason he draws in gentlemen and ladies alike. His presence on stage and off exudes a nearly-presidential confidence, so much it’s almost hard to ignore. His music, too, carries with it a unique quality. Clever wordplay and “heartfelt sing-along type harmonizing” is what makes his music intriguing. His newest mix tape, which releases May 17th, pays homage to his “upper echelon” sophistication with its title, Welcome to My Embassy.

The artist, dubbed “the Ambassador of Georgia” by fans, plans to release Welcome to My Embassy on his birthday and book shows to celebrate with fans.

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Instagram: @last.blo144
Twitter: @LastBlo144
Facebook: Adrien.Mccall.5
Snap Chat: Last.blo144 - Indie Music Grind


  • Welcome to My Embassy, mixtape
  • The Embassy Address, mixtape
  • Face Da Music, mixtape
  • Throw In Da Towel, single



"Last.Blo Enters the Ring Delivering Powerful "Blo's"

 Hailing from Baxley, Ga. Adrien McCall, (formally known by fans as "Last.Blo or Blo") is definitely holding his own in the ring (rap game). Blo weighed in with his debut mixtape "Welcome to My Embassy" on his 22nd birthday May 17th 2017. Sending powerful jabs with singles "Welcome to My Embassy" and "Area Code" from his debut demo, he won over fans with his melodic and clever wordplay.

Blo's “heartfelt sing-along type harmonizing” is what makes his music intriguing. Blo has a distinct uniqueness about him; a way in which he carries himself that causes people to take notice. His presence and aura on stage and off exudes a nearly-presidential confidence, so much it’s almost hard to ignore. Perhaps that's why his debut mixtape displayed the debonair rapper on the cover in a suit and tie. Blo prides himself for being very business savvy and studying the music business through and through. 

Last.Blo is known to be down-to-earth but exonerates upper-echelon etiquettes that build a boss-like mantra around him. He lives, walks, and talks this way so much that his friends call him "Dapper Dan Last.Blo", a name he even uses as a second alias in his music. Often his friends refer to him as "Bigg Dap" or "The Dap" which plays into his larger than life persona.

CEO, Last.Blo owns his record label he started in 2016 Struggle Made Genius Records, because he wanted to own his masters and publishing. The young CEO says the reason he  named his company Struggle Made Genius Records is because growing up he struggled hard often having to figure out ways to survive another day. Lights and water being turned off at times, staying with family while his mother worked to provide for him and his older brother wasn't abnormal to him. Not too often but more than a few times food was scarce so whatever he had to do to lighten the burden of a nearly poverty stricken environment, Blo would do. Henceforth having made it through such tough times which made him smarter, he named his record label SMG, where the motto is "making the struggle convenient".

Blo owns 2 studios and usually opens them to anybody willing to work and be productive. He's also active in his community, steady reaching and teaching anyone who would listen. Also, Dap led a "Stop the Violence" movement when chaos was amidst his city, even having the city manager and council print an article in the newspaper about his works.

Last.Blo plans to continue knocking out the competition, one round at a time. Like his name suggests he is the "Knock Out Punch" in the bout. Hitting the gym(studio), working out (recording music), and conditioning (branding and marketing) is his passion and safe haven. Blo's career is definitely heating up, himself calling this period of his career "Da Weigh-In" which is the title of a mixtape series he plans to release detailing his life on the way to the ring(music industry). Place your bets on Last.Blo by following and engaging on all social medias @last.blo144 - you won't be disappointed!! 

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