Last 2 Weeks

Last 2 Weeks

 Sugar Land, Texas, USA

These four Houstonians really know how to intrigue an audience with their constant high energy performance, and powerful, catchy jams. The boys from the south have a cohesive style that cannot be replicated and guarantee to leave a memorable performance for anyone who experiences their live set.


Last 2 Weeks was founded in the Fall of 2009 with founding members, Amador Lerma, Zeeshan Wadiwala and Saad Wadiwala. Their former project "Oxcart Pilot" had just disbanded and a new vocalist "Sal Lafata" had joined the group to complete Last 2 Weeks. Winter of 2009 was their first release with two songs, "Better Off Alone" and "Need some Time" that really caught the attention of local residents in the Rosenberg/Sugar Land area. Their first show was accompanied with Huge named bands in the Houston area such as, "The Last Star-fighter", "The Armada," "Close your Eyes" and "Eldridge." Right after this successful show and many other local shows, the band was fed with positive feedback from many fans and bands. As an unsigned band, they decided to book and self finance Texas and US tours in hope to attract a larger audience and share their music and entertaining times.
After 4 US tours, a self released EP, "Babyfresh", and a soon to be released EP "How Sweet it Is", their line up is complete and the band is expected to make some noise in the music industry early 2013.


I Need Some Time

Written By: Sal Lafata

I need some time, to think this over
I watch the clock crawl across the wall. If I had my way I'd smash them all
I need some time, to think this over.
As time stood still, we forgot it all, when every second goes it feels just like a million miles away,
We need some time, maybe sometime
I need some time to think this over

Better Off Alone

Written By: Sal Lafata

I'm so done with all of this, set a search for happiness
your friends are gone and so am I, go get drunk and drive your car, tonight's the night I took that chance, guess you forgot about that first glance,
I'm good, I'm done, there's no more us, Fuck what you heard cause I found a new lust
Are you okay? Do you want? Don't ever say we're better off alone
Hey, hey why don't you look at me? Oh no, I think I like what I see
Hey, hey why don't you look at me? With every lasting word
If I had a penny for, every time I broke your heart I would be the richest man alive
Your eyes are the reddest I had ever seen, Just another figure from the movie screen, now it's time for me to hit the lights
Are you okay? Do you want? Don't ever say I'm better off alone
Don't go, I'm in Hell. I've been trying for so long to get back to you, I've been trying for too long to know, I'm in Hell


"Better off Alone" Single- December 2009
"Need Some Time" Single- January 2010
"Baby Fresh" EP- March 2011
"How Sweet it Is" EP- December 2012
"Broke" EP- March 2013

Set List

*Order varies among sets

-No Harm in Trying
-Better Off Alone
-I Need Some Time
-One on One
-Real Men Don't Need Directions
-All My Friends
-Out the Window
-*Covers (2)