Last Chance Anna Pascal

Last Chance Anna Pascal


Girl rock that's not girlie. Well, maybe a little bit. Pop punk punch with meaningful and catchy hooks, driving music, and a desire for change.


Raw, pure punk rock, with a poppy flavor. That's Last Chance Anna Pascal in a sentance. The four girls, based out of Fort St John BC, have already began making a name for themselves, only a year after forming.

Begining with friends Jill and Cassie while still in high school, they spent 2 years jamming, and trying to complete the awesome band that they had started. Then one day, it happend. Jill discovered Lindsay at a local music store, and after some awkwardness, Lindsay realized that she and Jill had a mutual friend who had told Jill about her. Later, they decided to jam, and lo and behold, the Mix Tapes were born.
They started playing covers and became good friends, but knew that they band wastn't quite complete.
Enter Amber. At 14, an already talented drummer with a sweet 'fro, she took the others by suprise, and added that missing piece to the band.
After a week as an official band, they recorded their first song and submitted it to "RocKin the
Peace" a music competition in the peace region, under the name "Last Chance Anna Pascal".
After rockin the house, and taking home the grand prize, LCAP began working on more music. So far, they've recorded a 4 song EP, and have been playing shows wherever they can since.
Pinpointing influences is difficult due to the diverse musical backgrounds of each member, but
they are strongly influenced by pop punk of the 90's and early 2000's, such as Blink 182 and MxPx, as well as pregressive rock such as Coheed and Cambria, metal, alternative and pop.

Striving to write songs with catchy hooks, positive meaningful lyrics, punchy guitars and classic
beats, LCAP has created a powerful sound that's all their own. Their goal isn't to preach, but to express what's important to them, and be what it is that they want to see and hear. And of course, have fun with what they love. They have begun planning their first tour for summer '08.

In closing, expect to hear these girls on your stereo and in your happy dreams.


Cure For The Common Cold

Written By: Jill yendrys/Cassie Braun

Verse 1
It's my best defence
when the words are at my fingertips
and I rest
the hand that holds my weapon and I try to forget
about the choices and mistakes that got me where i am
the things I never think about when I make my demands
and I think it's that time again

This trip has taken a turn for the worst
and this time, it's not just myself that I've hurt
It's high time that I saw some change
but they haven't made a pill that's strong enough
to fix my human state

Verse 2
It's my only friend
when by my choice I've got nobody left
and i let
the past become my present just to give it again
I'm showing all the symptoms and I can't deny
I'm living for myself in ways I claim to despise
They say it's going around again

Chorus 2x

This twelve hour sleep
is promising a cure
but a fear of waking up
might be enough to keep me here
push the button that puts reality to sleep
and the truth that i'm ashamed of, becomes just one bad dream

Chorus 2x


EP Phone Home - 2007

Set List

Originals : Cure for the Common Cold, The Money Song, 50 Dollar Phone Calls, Hold The Line, Crash Course 101, Precious Little Time, BTWNH

We try to play a random popular song or 2 in our sets just for fun. We've covered Iron Maiden, Coheed and Cambria, Go Betty Go, Anberlin and Relient K to name a few. Our sets usually last 45 minutes, but we can play longer if needed.