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Last Chance Dave @ Mug Shot's

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA

Last Chance Dave @ Private Party

Ruston, Louisiana, USA

Ruston, Louisiana, USA

Last Chance Dave @ Radio Cafe

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


“Wow! It's been too long since I've heard a rock song that started like that. With 60's styled guitars and 90's styled attitude, this song has great potential. This should be on the radio!” – Cristin Compton of Springfield, Missouri -

“Hell yeah! Love the main riff .Has kind of a punk sound but with that kick ass rock sound…This could be a great song. Love the way you break into that slow part in the middle. Kind of reminds me of old Sabbath. Great job!” – Dennis of Chapel Hill, NC -

“Intro got me right from the start. Awesome guitar work. Vocals are really good…reminds me of Cross Canadian Ragweed. A little bit more rock-oriented than them, though. Really cool song!” – Morgan Hyman of Lubbock, TX -

Hometown Group Strikes High Note
[LSU Reveille - by Mark F. Bonner - January 30, 2003]

For Last Chance Dave guitarist Seth Woodard, nothing is more important right now than seeing the last seven seconds of the LSU men's basketball game against Mississippi State -- not even this interview.

After receiving a call from a friend watching the game, Woodard frantically rushes to the television at Sockit Studios only to learn the studio does not have the channel on which the basketball game is airing. He screams in dismay and has his friend recite the final seconds over the phone. After LSU loses, Woodard gathers himself and the interview continues.

"I'm real sorry," Woodard said. "Where were we?"

After 200-plus hours of recording, mixing and mastering 11 songs, Last Chance Dave has nothing to apologize for and is preparing to release its first full-length LP Feb. 22. Aptly titled "Chin Up," the album is a response to a music journalist who said their debut EP "Distress Signals" was too melancholy.

"We had someone write an article that our last album was real sad," said front man and guitarist David Brooks. "I felt like that was a challenge for us to produce something that was more uplifting. So this record is sort of a response to that."

With lyrics "I'm doing okay, at least that's what I tell myself today," and "You've put me in the place I'm in now, I'll never breathe again..." the downtrodden nature of "Distress Signals" is easy to recognize, but the EP is no chore to listen to either.

The album is an example of the group's pop-rock sensibility and showcases Brooks' ear for melody and arrangement through poignantly honest lyricism.

Recorded at Sockit Studios and engineered by Devon Kirkpatrick, who has worked with Lauryn Hill and Moby, "Distress Signals" was a solid first effort for the band. But, guitarist Kyle Harvey thinks the band has proven itself capable of much more at Sockit Studios this time around.

"Last time we did five songs in three days," Harvey said. "This time we decided to make ['Chin Up'] as good as we could and not skimp on money. Sockit Studios doesn't necessarily make us sound better; they just make us sound as good as we can."

Not being frugal in the recording process helped the band, and "Chin Up" will be Last Chance Dave's most aspirational and versatile record to date, featuring everything from piano-driven tracks, a horn section and even a gospel singer.

"Basically we trimmed the fat," Brooks said. "Don't let a bridge get too long. Don't let an intro meander. We just wanted to get to the point. It's faster-paced songs with less downtrodden lyrics."

Formed in Summer 2001, Last Chance Dave is a quintet comprised of four LSU students, including guitarist Seth Woodard, guitarist Kyle Harvey, bassist Micah Cating, David Brooks on vocals and guitar, and drummer Drew Greene.

The band got its feet wet playing half covers and originals at Rotolo's, but soon moved out of the Tigerland scene by landing gigs at Ichabod's and the Varsity Theatre, making them a staple of Baton Rouge's music community.

Because the band has become so popular among LSU students, the biggest problem the group has had recently is playing the local scene too much.

"Right now we're talking about trying not to play Baton Rouge more than twice in month," Woodard said.

Although Last Chance Dave enjoys playing in Baton Rouge venues, the band realizes playing too many local shows in a short period of time could hurt the band's future.

To combat its dilemma, Last Chance Dave signed with booking agency Atlantic Pacific Entertainment based out of Austin, Texas -- a market the group wished to capitalize on.

"I love Baton Rouge, and I love to play at Ichabod's in front of our friends, but that can only take us so far," Brooks said.

"Chin Up" will be released Feb. 22 at a dual CD release party with McCloud and Last Chance Dave performing at Ichabod's.

The band will play Jan. 31 at Ichabod's with Silko and Mike Pinter. To learn more about Last Chance Dave check out their Web site at - LSU Reveille


Good Luck (2004) -Single
Chin Up (2003) - Full Length LP
Distress Signals (2002) - Debut EP
Holden (2001) - Bedroom & Salon recordings EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


“This life is hell, but it's just as well.” Few statements regarding the life of an independent musician could be more true. And this sentiment penned by alt-rock/alt-country four-piece, Last Chance Dave is a bold realization for any budding musicians that want to dedicate their lives to creating music. Embracing this challenge has led Last Chance Dave to the second chapter of its musical journey…The band packed their bags and headed north from the swamplands of Louisiana to the crisp air of Tennessee, a move that is characterized by a desire to achieve greater things.

Last Chance Dave made its debut in the Spring of 2001, playing clubs and parties in Baton Rouge, LA. The band developed a strong following with students at Louisiana State University, where they attended college, and their notoriety spread as the band expanded into the surrounding cities and states. While the miles accumulated, the number of fans and venues played multiplied. “No state can escape the exposure. We have played in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee. The goal is to add more cities and states to our list now that we are here in
Nashville,” states lead guitarist, Kyle Harvey.

Even though the band ventured farther away each time they played, the base back home was ever growing. Last Chance Dave has headlined shows at historic Tipitina's in New Orleans and The Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge. They also supported Art Alexakis of Everclear and national recording artists Ingram Hill and Steriogram.

Success in the Louisiana music scene led to an increase in radio airplay as well. Last Chance Dave made it onto the playlists of several Baton Rouge stations including Rock 93.7 KOOJ, KLSU 91.1, and 104.9 KNXX. One DJ across the Atlantic liked the band so much he named his radio show after a Last Chance Dave song. Xtreme 1431 AM in Whales boasts the radio program “Tickle Me (Emo)” in honor of the band. But these achievements have not satisfied Last Chance Dave's musical aspirations.

“Moving to Nashville has us more focused on the creative and professional aspects of playing music. I think we're writing better songs, performing with more emotion, and laying the ground work for a great future as a working band,” relates frontman, David Brooks.

Last Chance Dave brings with them their solid full-length debut, Chin Up. It packs a versatility and energy that can keep any listener's head bouncing as well as thoughtful lyrics that add depth to an already impressive package. “We want to move our audience any way possible; be it on our records or on the stage. We'll do it anytime, anyplace” proclaims bassist, Nick Buttita.

For Last Chance Dave, no time is better than now. And the place is Nashville.