Last Chance Romeos

Last Chance Romeos


Harmonies, hooks, and sing along stories of heartbreak and heartbreakers, life and love and love lost, outlaws and Last Chance Romeos!


The Last Chance Romeos collaboration of seasoned musicians, formed to perform their unique sounding americana/alt country pop songs to the world. A touch of twang from the Pacific Northwest, with a sound compared to the Mavericks, Steve Earle, the Eagles, Roy Orbison, the Traveling Wilbury's, and early Beatles, all of which have been big influences. Soaring harmonies and believable songs with a strong sense of melody are what keep thier fans wanting more. With an energetic live performance, they are a favorite at large outdoor family events in the Northwest, such as Tacoma's Tall Ships and Freedom Fair over the 4th of July and Hot-Rod-arama in August, as well as private parties and various clubs in the Northwest.


On My Own

Written By: Geoff Whittall

On My Own

I remember, standing in a parking lot
And wondering, what can I do.
I remember, days I thought that all was lost,
Imagining, what can I do

I’m on my own, there’s nobody left to blame
All my actions bear my name, I’m on my own.

I’m on my own, all my hopes and all my dreams
All my plans and all my schemes, I’m on my own

I remember, watching my life ending
Awakening, and seeing things so differently
I remember, thinking I was dying
Questioning, the things that I believe


Just Another Day

Written By: Geoff Whittall

Just Another Day
By Geoff Whittall, c. 2004

I was standing on the corner of 1st avenue
‘cause I didn’t have anything better to do
the people passing by won’t even look my way
as I put my hands together and say

“Hey mister, can you spare me a dime?”
He looked at me and said “I haven’t got the time”
Well time is something I’ve got plenty of
I just need a little love

It’s just another day (4X)

Well the day passes by as the night settles in
I try to find a doorway and get out of the wind
the dinner crowd is starting to make there way
with a push from behind, I turn around and say

“Hey officer, I just said please”
He said, “shutup boy and get down on your knees”
It’s hard to get up when you’re being kept down
I just need a little help gettin up


Time, time is passing, right before my eyes
Round and round the hands are turning
Time has been my friend, time will be again,


Their self released EP, coined "Out of the Shed" has done very well on's Americana and Country charts (where 5 of our songs can be heard and downloaded), and is recieving airplay on the internet station "" after just 2 months on GB.

Set List

A set of original music generally consists of 10 to 16 songs, lasting from 45 min. to 90 min. depending on the venue. We can easily fill a 4 hr. slot. Occasionally covers are added including , but everchanging,
Guitar Town - Steve Earle
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
Shambala - Three Dog Night
Solitary Man - Neil Diamond
Oh What a cryin Shame - The Mavericks
Tailspin - The Jayhawks
Sixteen Days - Ryan Adams
Leavin Louisianna - Rodney Crowell