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Last Day @ Our Lady of Lourdes Festival

Marysville, Ohio, USA

Marysville, Ohio, USA

Last Day @ Enlightening Festival

Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA

Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA

Last Day @ Enlightening Festival

Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA

Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Dear Concert Promoter/Producer,

We promote an annual event called CrossRoads Catholic
Music Festival. Our aim is pretty simple. First, to provide
music for enjoyment and for worship in a totally Catholic
context. Second, to evangelize and spread the Faith. In our
first year we wondered who we would get to play. Catholic
music was really just beginning to be recognized as a movement and evangelistic tool.
Good bands seemed few and far between.

That was four years ago. Since then God has blessed what we believe was started in
his Holy Spirit. Catholic music has grown enormously in both diversity and ability.
Where once we went begging, now there is a Catholic music scene providing a full
menu of good artists. There are so many choices it can almost be bewildering.

Which brings me to my purpose in writing. Last year while putting together the festival
line-up I was looking for something new, a band which was young and energetic. Luckily
I discovered a group outside Cincinnati named Last Day. They seemed to be exactly
what we needed.

Long story short, Last Day came to the festival and ROCKED the place. They were
spirited and energetic with an infectious groove. In fact, we liked them so much we gave
them a second slot, kicking off the Saturday night lineup. I have heard nothing but raves
on them from the festival-goers. But beyond that, even though they’re young they were
professional and easy to work with. And beyond even that, what really
counts is that
they are truly given to ministry and evangelizing. That’s what they are truly all about.

If you are looking for energetic, worship driven rock that teens can relate to easily
[and who isn’t] then I strongly recommend Last Day for your event. They will deliver.
Please feel free to call me with any questions about them. Or email me at

In Jesus’ Name,

Larry Nolte, CrossRoads director
Phone: 314 481-6983 - Crossroads Music Festival

The band's roots come from being their church's youth group band.

This release is the follow up to their 2005 self-released full length CD entitled, "Astray."

The band is all about their songs and especially the song's lyrics. Whenever possible at shows the band likes to display the song lyrics right along with the songs so that people can join right in with them.

A good test for me when listening to a CD is whether I can listen to it several times through without always hitting the skip to the next track button. This release passed that little test with flying colors!

The band's music is a mixture of several different styles including; Rock, Modern Rock, Pop Punk, and some Modern Worship.

Whatever style you want to classify it under the main point is that the song's feature great lyrics that are set against a backdrop of simmering guitars and riveting drum beats.

On top of that add lead vocals that wrap themselves around each song fitting as snugly as a well-fitted wet suit does on a diver.

With all of that said the lyrics still grab your attention with their heartfelt sentiments and thoughts. Many different subjects are dealt with from Salvation and God's Grace to feeling lost in your faith.

While most of the songs on the CD have an upbeat tempo you'll also find two ballads.

The first is the guitar ballad, "A Simple Cry," a song about getting back in harmony with God. The second is the piano ballad, "Calling In The Night," a really powerful song that deals with overcoming times in your life when everything seems hopeless.

This is a well done effort from the band and one that you shouldn't let pass you by.
- by C.W. Ross

Like many contemporary Christian groups, Last Day began as a church youth group band. But unlike many groups which attempt—and usually fail—to appeal to everyone, Last Day sticks to what it does best, solid rock ‘n’ roll, and they do it well. Happy Medium is the second effort from the group, which was formed in 2001. They explain that their mission is to write and perform music that “lifts the heart, mind, and soul to God”—and that is precisely the call that the Church issues to artists. To facilitate that end, a Last Day concert often includes a display of the lyrics to each song, enabling the audience to join in—something not always practical with a heavy rock sound.

“This is How Life’s Supposed to Be” stands out as the track of choice: It is a rock anthem to a changed life: “The choice has come which way to go; I know I must not stray.” The driving beat downshifts to a reflective bridge with the insight, “I must go into the light, so I make one last glance,” and returns to the refrain, “The rain has come and washed away my inanity.” The entire song is the expression of the realization of one’s sinful past, while rejoicing that “I’ve finally been set free.”

“Calling in the Night,” one of two ballads on the album, ranks a close second. It tells two stories of people who feel quite alone because of past choices; but it points to hope in the ending strains, “Somebody hears us calling in the night . . . He’s got a plan for all of our lives.”

Last Day’s new CD, Happy Medium, was nine months in the works. It will not be for everyone. But for an ear open to a hard-rock sound that proclaims the love of Jesus Christ as Lord, it will be energizing.
Visit their website at †
- Grapevine - Paul Sadek

October 20, 2006
To Whom It May Concern:

I coordinate the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Rock for Life in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rock for Life is an affiliate of American Life League and is a pro-life organization directed towards youth and young adults that uses music and ministry to educate others on the truths about abortion, euthanasia and infanticide (

We have worked with Last Day many times over this past year and love their music, live performances, and enthusiasm for respecting life. They have performed at two of our Rock for Life concerts and have invited us to set up educational booths at two of their concerts as well. We look forward to having them perform at the Walk the Bridge event in June 2007 for thousands of people who will be walking the Cincinnati Purple People Bridge to demonstrate their respect for all life, born and unborn.

One of the biggest reasons we continue to work closely with Last Day is because we trust their character as awesome people on and off the stage. Second, their concerts are some of the most entertaining shows I’ve seen yet (and I’ve seen a number of concerts). Third, their music is pleasing for all crowds; teenagers love them, preteens go crazy for them, and adults are even seen bobbing their heads to the beat instead of running out the doors! Finally, their variety of music touches the listener on many levels and all of their songs encourage listeners to respect the life God has given us all.

I would highly recommend Last Day for many reasons, but in the end, it boils down to the fact that they are awesome, talented, and passionate musicians who are sure to rock the socks off of anyone present!

Thanks for all that you do guys!

In Christ,

Amy Walsh
Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Rock for Life
Outreach Department Co-Director
Pregnancy Center West

- Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Rock for Life

Immanuel Youth Ministry
“Helping Youth Walk with Christ”

October 28, 2006

Dear Kathy and the Guys of Last Day,

I just wanted to thank you all for coming on October 8th. Our youth haven’t stopped talking about the night yet. Everyone really had a great time.

We loved the way you all got involved with the games and other events during the evening. We’ve had a lot of bands come in and you guys were the best at getting the youth involved with what you were doing and getting them to respond. You have an awesome stage presence. Your love for the Lord and for leading worship is evident in the fun you have on stage.

Thanks again for coming. I hope you can come again sometime.

In Christ,
Susan Eaton
Minister to Youth
Immanuel United Methodist Church
Lakeside Park, KY
- Immanuel UMC


LP - The Song That I Sing - 2003
EP - Are You Ready? - 2004
LP - Astray- 2005
LP - Happy Medium - 2006
EP - We're Here - 2008



Last Day’s challenge and their goal is to get everyone, but especially young people involved in worshiping and praising God through music and thereby experiencing God in a whole new way. Another hope of Last Day would be to influence other young musicians to consider sharing their musical talents for the glorification of God instead of turning to secular music.

Last Day was formed in 2001 and as with most bands has seen the normal ebb and flow of band members. The present lineup in Last Day consists of Matt Jackson, who plays both acoustic and electric guitar and the band’s distinctive sound stems from his powerful lead vocals. Then there is our rockin’ bassist, Joe Tabeling. The newest addition to the band is John (JB) Bose, who plays multiple instruments including trombone and harp but will be primarily confining his talents to guitar and keyboard. Last, but certainly not least, supplying the driving beat of the band, is our drummer, Nathan Lubbers.

From their roots as leaders of their church’s youth group band, the members of Last Day have progressed to exciting crowds throughout the US. In 2005, they self-released a full length CD entitled ‘Astray’ with such crowd pleasers as “Eternity” and “Circles”. In March 2006, they released what promises to be their most successful project to date, another full length CD entitled “Happy Medium” This latest album cuts through the predictability of modern Christian music with an undoubtedly fresh rock sound and a coinciding spiritual tenderness that shows the young members' yearning for something more than just great music.

Last Day is not about putting on a concert or show; their mission is to write and perform music that helps lift your heart, mind and soul to God. Wherever possible, they display their lyrics so people can worship right along with them. Their sets are a mix of original songs that touch and challenge the audience to take a step back and look at their lives from a different perspective, and favorite cover songs with which everyone can sing along.

March 2008, Last Day proudly announces the release of their newest music entitled, “We’re Here”.

Booking: Kathy Lubbers - Manager