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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Standind Before Review"

Well Shit you think your done for a day or two then…a knock at the door and music is dropped on your desk….I would normally wait till the middle of the month but I cant wait on this one….LAST DAYS has released their first 6 song CD or EP depending on how anal you are…I’m not really much of a straight up rock fan…BUTT…This disc blew me away.. I think LAST DAYS intent with this was to showcase their combined talent and diversity..They have accomplished that 10 fold…
1. Last Days
2. Left Behind
3. Standing Before…
4. Anymore
5. Coming of Fate
6. Backstage
The overall CD was fucking great!! From the time I pressed play to the final eject I was in a total state of question “where the fuck did these guys come from?”..The disc had me on a ride from Soul Asylum to Blackfoot to Iron Maiden to Rainbow. I bullshit you not. They don’t sound like any of those but yet each track has a sound that anyone with ears can relate too. Last Days has incorporated the sounds of familiarity into there own sound copying nobody. “Last Days”/”Standing Before…”/”Coming of Fate” are geared toward the metal, bottle smashing pure adrenaline junkie. A in your face lead backed by a heart pounding base line, the aggressive vocals capture the true essence of this group.. Left behind/Anymore are quite a bit slower I hesitate to use the word “ballad” (urrggh) so I wont. I think “Anymore” is a definite radio play. “Backstage” is southern rock in flavor with a Detroit edge. I’m talking true southern rock BlackFoot style. NO I did not forget about the drummer my first impression was ok a they have one, but if you listen to “Left Behind”/”Backstage” try to note the cymbal use and I believed I pick up on a fast ass double bass NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!! From the vocals to the drummer LAST DAYS is a definite corner stone in the road to reestablishing Detroit on the Rock and Roll music scene.


Last Days has one release, a 6 songs EP entilited Standing Before. Engineered by Rick Beard at Bombastic Studio's in Sterling Heights, MI. The EP displays the bands dynamic song writing and raw rock sound. The release is being supported with Midwest touring and promotion. Last Days is bringing hard rock back to the forefront of popular music, proving that rock and roll is timeless and will never die.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in the summer of 2000, the band began its long journey into the music business. The band started out in the small metropolitan city of Dayton, OH where founding members Kevin Dyehouse (vocals) and Adam Hall (guitarist) began jamming and writing songs together. They met up with Punk (drummer) through a mutual friend and the match was perfect. The group played around locally before leaving behind family and friends to take their shot at the big city. They decided to relocate to Michigan to earn their way into the proven Detroit music scene one fan at a time. Shortly after relocating, Last Days picked up the missing link to their circle, the Pontiac freak, T.O.D (bass). It didn’t take long for them to start making an impression on people. Playing and promoting relentlessly they have gained an underground following of musicians and loyal fans known as the Last Days Tribe. The band has played notable Detroit venues such as Harpo’s, St. Andrews Hall, Clutch Cargo’s, the Emerald Theatre, and the State Theatre. They have performed at Indie Fest 2002, 32nd Annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash 2003, X-mas Chaos 2002, X-mas Chaos 2003, and The 3rd Annual Bikers Ball.

The band has a wide range of influences, which include Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. These influences are fused together into a sound that is original and true.
The style of the band is a sweet blend of modern sound with classic and southern rock feel. This hard driven music is perfect for live performance in large or small venues. The band has a great stage presence and excellent showmanship. One needs to see Last Days live to fully gain an understanding of their music’s power.

Love Thy Tribe