Last Days Of Lorca

Last Days Of Lorca


"Last Days Of Lorca do their thing, creating a jagged racket not far off At The Drive In topped with Matt Bellamy vox, and its an affecting blend." Kerrang kkkkk


LDOL are a Brighton Based band currently releasing through DIY label Nice Weather For Airstrikes Records. We have been gigging around the country for the last couple of years and after an EP and 2 single releases are now preparing to release a debut album in 2009


4 track EP - My M!L!T!A Will Eat Your M!L!T!A
7" split single - Lets Build Ships
Download single - Big Green Parcel Machine

Set List

Our set consists if all our own material. the set time can vari depending on the venue. usually though between 30 and 45 minuites.