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Modern rock and blues. Influenced by blues music & classic rock, Eric Clapton, The Who, Neil Young, David Bowie, Talking Heads.


"Lastelle's new album 'This is what I do' is a wonderful blend of rock and alternative music with a refreshing new sound to it. The music is highly addictive stuff and should have come with a warning like a pack of smokes. I would recommend this CD to anyone that is sick of the same old sound coming out of their speakers."
Bill Messick - New Artist Radio

An edgy, rocking/ blues album which, from the title track, states in no uncertain terms that this is what Chris Lastelle does. It’s all about the music. Lastelle’s perceptive lyricism and consummate songwriting skills in tracks like “Don’t fit no more”, the blues riffs of "On my way" and thumping cynicism of “I must be happy” are guaranteed to get the blood pumping and the feet stomping.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Chris Lastelle lives in Berlin, Germany where he is touring & promoting his new album. A musician, composer of songs and instrumental music (TV, film, animation, games), this is his second foray into recording an album of his own original songs. ‘This is What I Do’ is more than a song or title, it is a statement of desire and intent reflecting Lastelle’s commitment to his craft. “I play, write, make music and sound, collect it, listen to anything and everything all of the time. I love playing live, working in the studio, going to gigs, listening to and reading about music in-between”,

Previously working in Australia with the band ‘Battu’,(CD: ’Beyond’ - 1998) plus composing/producing soundtracks for TV, film, theatre & multimedia kept his nose to the grindstone. So much so that one day (in 2003) he shut up his studio, slung a guitar over one shoulder and a backpack over the other and headed off to Greece, Turkey, Spain, the UK, Canada & Mexico for a couple of years. The bulk of the new album was written while traveling.

On his return to Australia, Lastelle pulled together an impressive band to record at the prestigious ‘Tiger Studios’ which recorded the likes of AC/DC and other Vanda and Young artists. Chris took the masters back to his own studio to complete the mix. The resulting album has a huge sound.

Chris re-located to Berlin (early 2007) - using Berlin as a base for Europe/UK. With his band, he is currently playing shows and promoting the new album.

"well written and performed, excellent songwriting and the ability to play with power - possibly australia's next big thing"
John Anderson - On the Horizon - USA radio show

"lastelle's album has all the superstar elements that make an artist stand out and shine - i love this CD"
Carmen Allgood - Colorado Wave Radio Show


This is what I do

Written By: Chris Lastelle

This is what I do

there is a soundtrack playing in my head for everything
it’s just the way i’ve always been
this is what i do
this is what i do

the survey shows, that there’s no category for me
is there a category for you?
and what would you choose
i walk the world and sample as i go
there’s always hope that i will never know
what slips through
this is what i do

sometimes i think i hit the mark, but then again
there is so much to hear, so much to choose
while in the groove
that’s when i go and take a walk around
clear my head and let the sound
come right through
this is what i do
this is what i do

i like to take a drive to way beyond the city lights
stare up at the endless sky
i feel alright

when my head gets full to overload with all the news
when there’s nothing left to choose
this is what i do
the music moves like wind across sand
i stretch right out and grab it with my hand
some slips through
this is what I do
this is what I do

composed by Chris Lastelle

© 2005 Lastelle Music Pty Ltd.
All rights reserved

Dont fit no more

Written By: Chris Lastelle

DonÕt fit no more

every day
i mended the fences
and mounted defenses
but I donÕt fit no more
every day
i climbed up the mountains
and swum in the fountains
but I donÕt fit no more

all the things that you say
all the things that you do
theyÕre all just blown away
with the new day
i have made a fresh start
jumped into a new path
no need to look back
'cause I donÕt fit no more

after all
if things were so bad
why arenÕt you glad
that I donÕt fit no more
after all
lives needed changing
moved, re-arranging
'cause I donÕt fit no more


new days, new nights
roll on with the better life
i have emerged
strong and free
nothing to hide
free to walk outside
stand up for who I am
and join in the world right now

even now
the lines that you say
the cards that you play
well they donÕt fit no more
even now
as you summon your horses
to hang draw and quarter
they donÕt fit no more


composed by Chris Lastelle

© 2005 Lastelle Music Pty Ltd.
All rights reserved

On my way

Written By: chris lastelle / richard williams

on my way

i’m made of light
i’m made of clay
doin’ alright
on my way
i travel light
and socialise
wide open eyes
on my way

everybody has something special
everybody has a way to be
colour faith or name
it’s all the same to me
on my way

hitchin’ a ride
on trucks and trains
sunrise to night
on my way
i sling my pack
and my guitar
my lucky star
on my way

i make no plans
'cause plans get changed
by circumstance
on my way
i’m here tonight
but I won’t stay
come morning light
i’m on my way

composed by chris lastelle / richard williams © 2005 lastelle music pty ltd all rights reserved

One by one

Written By: Chris Lastelle

one by one

one day you look at your road
long and straight wih a heavy load
you stop yourself from asking
what’s it all about
you lose yourself in trvial things
tie yourself in herring strings
losing sight of the very things
that keep you on your road
and as you pass each day in soft and slow denial
you pause to count your points
but they don’t make you smile
and if it didn’t matter that you had to keep on walking you would stop

yes i know that i’m slow
but can’t you see i make the best of it
i take on all things as if i knew how
and count them as i can
yes i know that i’m slow
but can’t you see i make the best of it
to deal with it all to see them apart
i count them one by one

one day you look at yourself
worn down being something else
so much for the promise
that this wouldn’t happen to you
the best laid plans in shifting sands
daily waves with their demands
can’t hold in any weather
and i call this a stand
and all the things you thought that really meant a lot
just meant that you have built a time that time forgot
so now your picking pieces
hoping madly that there’s still a chance to cross

one day you suddenly stop
you look up and you are lost
no memory no direction and only one way out
i may pay for what i have done
but there is time in the setting sun and time will slowly reveal
that this is not all wrong
so if the leaps i take mean i will crash and burn
just one more thing to do absorb listen and learn
for i will keep on seeking keep on searching
'til there’s no strength left to rise

composed by chris lastelle © 2005 lastelle music pty ltd all rights reserved

Right next time

Written By: Chris Lastelle

Right next time

you know somedays when you find you’re in the groove
getting’ through the day with not too much to prove
then the man arrives and says “son you got it wrong”
how was I to know I ain’t been here that long
you know i get distracted, i’m right on top of that
i finally found the rabbit, but now i’ve lost the hat
i know i don’t look nervous you should see me inside
but now i’ve bought the ticket, i have to try the ride

here we go, so get in line
grab a (your) seat and make your sign
and if i miss it first i’ll get it right next time
here we go a second chance
last reprieve, a final dance
and if i don’t advance i’ll get it right next time
the sun will rise again, i'll get it right next time
(tomorrow never comes i'll get it right next time)

on a vital mission on my way uptown
almost caught in traffic just had to turn it down
saw the morning headlines in letters really big
the world is looking up, i hope i get the gig
action after action i’m bouncing off the walls
caught in the reaction, i stumble trip and fall
washed and dressed and waiting and listening for my cues
hoping that there’s more to this than just a pretty view

falling yes i’m falling broached and insecure
balancing the passion with what I know for sure
i walk to this i pay for that i never seem to learn
the older getting younger i know the worm will turn

(repeat chorus)

composed by chris lastelle © 2005 lastelle music pty ltd all rights reserved

Road of Dreams

Written By: Chris Lastelle


Facing the other way

Written By: Chris Lastelle

"Facing the other way"

what happens when you stop, if you just stop
what happens if you wait, if you just wait
what happens if you leave your world behind

living in each day
accept what you can change
open up and say
that you’re facing the other way

took everything i owned and wrapped it up tight in a box
and stepped into the dark and what was now important was gone
released the cup of sadness it doesn’t need me to weep again

i realise that i’m here on my own
dreaming way too much like any man
i’ll roll the dice and take my chance

(c) 2008 lastelle music. all rights reserved.


This is what I do - album (2007). Released in germany, Austria, Switzerland (2008) by Megaphon GmbH.

Set List

Play 1 set @ 1.5hr+ or 2 x 1 hr or 3 x 45 min. Also can & do play long shows. Original material.