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Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Artist Radio - USA radio show"

Lastelle's "this is what I do" is a wonderful blend of rock and alternative music with a refreshing new sound to it. There are 13 hot tracks on this well produced album, the case is a work of art that would go well in anyone's music collection, mine included!

The music is highly addictive stuff and should have come with a warning like a pack of smokes. A few of the songs that got my goat are "don't fit no more" for it's groovy kick in the gut start! "This is what I do" with it's hip over the top blend of pop/rock that kept you from start to finish, let's play that one again! "On my way" had a blues rock sound to it that you will love. My favorite song on this album was "I must be happy", it had a rough nasty sound to it's strings and a dark side I just had to have.

This CD I would recommend to anyone that is sick of the same old sound coming out of their speakers.

Bill Messick
- Bill Messick

"Drum Media - weekly print magazine-Sydney, Australia"

“There’s a glorious defiance in this new collection from singer/songwriter, film and TV composer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Lastelle perfectly summed up in the first two songs, Don’t fit no more and the title track This is what I do as well as I must be happy.”

“…a well crafted collection of adult contemporary rock with a solid pop sensibility and a bit of early ‘80s new wave here and there, solidly augmented by some fine playing…”

Michael Smith – The Drum Media - Michael Smith

"Colorado Wave Radio Show"

Hi Chris!
Well, I don't really like your CD... I LOVE YOUR CD. What an amazing
piece of work. Whew. Really impressive and the variety of your compositions is something to
write home about. Yep.

"Chris Lastelle's new disc, This Is What I Do, has all the superstar elements that make an artist stand out and shine. Socially conscious, mind-bending lyrics that make you think and feel, and put you in touch with the pulse and heartbeat of … What I Do.
Buy this album. Now."

Carmen Allgood – Colorado Wave Radio Show
- Carmen Allgood

"Radio Review-2RDJ-FM-Sydney, Australia"

There is no doubt about it, this is definitely a classy album. The songs combine the simple elements of blues, rock and folk; the result is music that is stunning, ambitious and deadly effective. Lastelle is really worth a listen! One of the best of the year!

Andrew Beale – 2RDJ-FM
Sydney, Australia
- Andrew Beale - DJ

"On the Horizon - USA radio show"

"Chris Lastelle's music was a complete surprise. Well written
and well performed melodies, excellent songwriting, and the
ability to play with power. "Lastelle" was an instant hit with
the "On The Horizon" audience, with requests coming from
around the world for airplay of his music. It is clear to me that
how far Lastelle goes, is completely up to Lastelle. He is possibly Australia's "next big thing!"

John Anderson
The "On The Horizon" radio show - John Anderson

"Faster Louder - on-line magazine"

Lastelle - This Is What I Do

Hitting the road with nothing but a backpack and acoustic guitar, Sydney-sider Chris Lastelle returned from places as far and wide as Spain, UK, USA and Mexico with the bulk of what he would craft into his new album This is What I Do.
13 tracks, ranging from the swinging title track, “This is What I Do” to the quirky and off-kilter "March of Time", offer flavours and snapshots of Lastelle's (world) journey, making up the fabric of this recording.

Having recorded the basic album tracks at Tiger Studios (AC/CD, Vanda & Young) Lastelle took the masters home to tweak, tweak, tweak. Resultant is a polished album, neatly trimmed at the corners with no loose threads or bum notes.

For the most part the album keeps an up-tempo vibe, songs filled with momentary glances of people met and places seen. On “Facing The Other Way” and “Hesitation”, Lastelle, however, waxes more reflective. The compositions of both songs are more acoustically driven and lyrically spend more time focused on one subject, allowing the thought behind the song to develop more fully.

The undoubted highlight of the album is One by One where the blues driven production style and a written-on-the-road acoustic track blend beautifully into a wistful and honest confessional that has the same haunting weight of a Neil Young track:
"Yes I know that I'm slow
But can't you see I make the best of it
I take on all things as if I knew how
And count them as I can"

This Is What I Do is just a little bit country, a big bit blues and a whole lotta rock. It cops its influences from wherever the songwriter called home that night, somewhere around the world.
- Jo Fix


This is what I do - album (2007). Released in germany, Austria, Switzerland (2008) by Megaphon GmbH.



"Lastelle's new album 'This is what I do' is a wonderful blend of rock and alternative music with a refreshing new sound to it. The music is highly addictive stuff and should have come with a warning like a pack of smokes. I would recommend this CD to anyone that is sick of the same old sound coming out of their speakers."
Bill Messick - New Artist Radio

An edgy, rocking/ blues album which, from the title track, states in no uncertain terms that this is what Chris Lastelle does. It’s all about the music. Lastelle’s perceptive lyricism and consummate songwriting skills in tracks like “Don’t fit no more”, the blues riffs of "On my way" and thumping cynicism of “I must be happy” are guaranteed to get the blood pumping and the feet stomping.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Chris Lastelle lives in Berlin, Germany where he is touring & promoting his new album. A musician, composer of songs and instrumental music (TV, film, animation, games), this is his second foray into recording an album of his own original songs. ‘This is What I Do’ is more than a song or title, it is a statement of desire and intent reflecting Lastelle’s commitment to his craft. “I play, write, make music and sound, collect it, listen to anything and everything all of the time. I love playing live, working in the studio, going to gigs, listening to and reading about music in-between”,

Previously working in Australia with the band ‘Battu’,(CD: ’Beyond’ - 1998) plus composing/producing soundtracks for TV, film, theatre & multimedia kept his nose to the grindstone. So much so that one day (in 2003) he shut up his studio, slung a guitar over one shoulder and a backpack over the other and headed off to Greece, Turkey, Spain, the UK, Canada & Mexico for a couple of years. The bulk of the new album was written while traveling.

On his return to Australia, Lastelle pulled together an impressive band to record at the prestigious ‘Tiger Studios’ which recorded the likes of AC/DC and other Vanda and Young artists. Chris took the masters back to his own studio to complete the mix. The resulting album has a huge sound.

Chris re-located to Berlin (early 2007) - using Berlin as a base for Europe/UK. With his band, he is currently playing shows and promoting the new album.

"well written and performed, excellent songwriting and the ability to play with power - possibly australia's next big thing"
John Anderson - On the Horizon - USA radio show

"lastelle's album has all the superstar elements that make an artist stand out and shine - i love this CD"
Carmen Allgood - Colorado Wave Radio Show