Last Exit
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Last Exit

Band Alternative Rock


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Still working on that hot first release.




Danny Balzano
Lead guitar, playing the part of Mike McCready

Influences: Beatles, Led Zep, King's x, FooFighters, Emmett Otters Jug-band, Tiny Tim.

Schooling: ears only.

Previous bands (and projects): Amethyst, Smile Orange, Madflower, Adam Pascal (Rent) Band, Collision (Colombia) Dogma (Def Jam), P Diddy, song-writing credit on Fantastic Four Soundtrack.

Favorite curse word: i'm a hybrid Scientologist/Mormon, i don't cuss.

Pets names: shithead

Gear: 1988 Fender U.S. Strat plus delux,
1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom Sunburst,
1988 Gibson Les Paul custom white,
1998 gibson Les Paul Gothic,
1998 Gibson Les Paul double cut studio,
1970 Ibanez Pre-Lawsuit Strat,
1970 Ventura, Dan Armstrong Lucite copy,
2007 Gretsch,
Craviola Gianni Custom Acoustic,
Esteban electric.

Line6 Vetta, Podxt live, Fender Vibro verb, itouch.

Rider: Coke and whores.......and Hydrogen peroxide.

Kurt Satzinger
rhythm guitar, playing the role of Stone Gossard

influences: The Dead, Phish, Pearl Jam, DMB

schooling: The School of Hard Rock

previous bands: Stonegroove

favorite curse word: fucker

pet's names: Hammond & Rhodes

equipment: Epiphone Les Paul Custom, Dean Hardtail, Ibanez Artcore, Fender Startocaster
amp - Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier, Mesa Boogie 4 X 12 cabinet
effects- Dunlop Crybaby, Dunlop Univibe, Boss Reverb, Boss Sonic Distortion, Fender Volume, Boss Tuner, Furman Pedal Board

Rider: Jack Daniels, pizza, coke