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Last Fast Action’s sound is a mix of up-tempo, high-energy beats, and indie-pop musical sensibility. Their vibe, & live show is in line with groups like The Sounds, Head Automatica, and Motion City Soundtrack. Toured Midwest w/Motion City Soundtrack, Quietdrive, Ludo, Lucky Boys Confusion, Surewood.


"The Last Fast Action has arrived!"

Last Fast Action (LFA) is one of the newest bands making waves in Chicago. Comprised of members from other local Chicago groups (most notably Chicago-based The Dog and Everything), these guys know what to do to get the job done, whether it’s on stage or writing indie pop anthems that stay
locked in your head for days.

The sound is a mix of up-tempo, high-energy beats, and indie-pop musical sensibility. LFA is not afraid to use whatever it takes to create a unique and interesting sound to keep your attention. As Adam Krier of Lucky Boys Confusion says of LFA, “Those guys are always able to pull it off. No matter what kind of thing they’re doing, it’s always entertaining.”

In the short time they have been together, they have hit the ground running; Releasing their first CD entitled ‘Season 1’ (produced by Grammy Nominated songwriter Jaret Reddick, frontman for Bowling for Soup), and racking up tour dates all across the Midwest with: Motion City Soundtrack (Epitaph), Quietdrive (Epic Records), Ludo (Island Records), Lovedrug (The Militia Group), June (Victory Records), Lucky Boys Confusion (Elektra Records), Surewood (The Militia Group), Treaty Of Paris (Airport Tapes andRecords), Brandtson (The Militia Group), and Amsterband (Blood Shot Records).

Look for LFA’s future release ‘Season 2’ this February!

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Season 2 (release date February 16, 2008)

Season 1 (oct 1, 2006)
Season #01 is last fast action's first release. It's a limited edition cd. We pressed 500 copies, and each cd was hand numbered by the band.

season#01 features:
01. long time comin down 3:11
02. didn't i say (so here we go) 3:06
03. more fashion needed 4:00
04. remember us 3:17

recorded at valve studios (dallas, tx), produced by grammy nominated songwriter jaret reddick (lead singer of Bowling for Soup), casey diiorio,
& dan monahan
©2006 last fast action music

Set List

01. long time comin down
02. didn't i say (so here we go)
03. more fashion needed
04. remember us
05. stop
06. say say
07. turn this car around
08. little off center
09. hereafter
10. so long goodnight
11. divide us
12. nothing compares to you (cover)
13. video killed the radio star (cover)
14. time after time (cover)
15 hey luv (cover)