Last Minute

Last Minute


We're a female fronted band that appeals to a younger teenage audience with an alternative rock influence. Our lead vocalists play off one another allowing for very strong stage presence while the rest of the band keeps a hard rock presence behind them.


Last Minute started in October of '07 as a result of a simple 'jam session' between Ryan and Jonathan. After the two jammed extensively, they decided to bring in Paul as a drummer since he and Ryan had played together for years. With a little more searching, the three had brought on Rob, Laura, and Zoe to make up the final lineup. After months of practicing and writing, the band entered into a Sonoma County Battle of the bands between ten bands taking second place. Following this accomplishment, the band proceeded to record an 8 track EP to allow for a much quicker and stronger progression as a band.


EP - Midnight

Set List

35-40 minute set list
What Used To Be
One More Time
Halfway Love
Waiting Game
Second Light