Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters

Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters

 Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters is an NuDisco/Filter House duo from Midwest United States featuring vocals by Mr. M and production by Slade Templeton of Defunct! fame.


Some people are afraid of things that go bump in the night. But what if that bump is funky, beat driven music that makes you want to jump up out of bed and face whatever lurks in the dark? That's what you come up against when you confront Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters. They consist of the unspeakable horror that nightmares are made of, yet entice you with disco house tracks that make you want to dance all night long.

The terror began in 2010 when producer Slade of Defunct! fame agreed to collaborate with vocalist Mr. M on a new dance music endeavor. Not content to go with the “run of the mill” sounds of normal house music, Mr. M and Slade went to the lab to produce the ultimate musical Frankenstein. By combining the capable production ability of Slade and the talented vocal skill of Mr. M, this duo were able to create something truly unique and fresh sounding, that was sure to catch the attention of even the most jaded of listeners. “We are trying to combine elements of Disco with a French Filter touch, and deep driving dance beats that make any floor ready to explode,” the fearsome duo states.

Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters have since collaborated with the likes of MC Messinian, producer Alex Mind, and IrawniQ of Flying Without Wingz. Now, ready to spread their nightmare to the masses, Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters is preparing to embark on touring and performing events across America. Their debut EP, aptly named “Disco Girl”, is set to be released on Satan's Circus Records on August 29th, 2011. With the haunting vocals of Mr. M presented against the background of deep, driving house beats, this frightful team are sure to devastate any dance floor they are inclined to possess, leaving behind a trail of dancers breathlessly amazed by the utter intensity of their performance. This, with the addition of a continuously evolving sound, makes them guaranteed to be around to terrorize countless numbers of dancers into the future. You have been warned.


Saturday Night Fright

Written By: Mr. M

It's a Saturday, baby
so where are you?
I'm inevitable.
gonna feed on you.

You can't run anymore.

Feed Me

Written By: Mr. M

A little bit...
what's that you say?
Oh, please don't look away.
Give a taste and tell me, is it like you read?

A little red. A little gray.
What's that you say?
What's a pulse if it's not there to help me feed?

You scream it and you shout it
but there ain't no way around it.
Girl, it's you if it's not done the way I say.

"Pretty please! Pretty please!"
Go 'head and beg me on your knees
but I maintain, my girl, it's just the way I


~Original Releases~

The Black EP - Electric Hype Records/ Dandy Kid Records (UK)
Disco Girl EP - Satan's Circus Records (UK)
Serial Lover EP - Sub Philo Records (US)
Give Me A Sign - Defunct! and Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters Feat. MC Messinian - MELONSOUND Records (DK)


Deeply Into You - Alex Mind Feat. Sue Cho (Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters Remix)
Sweet Talk - Sean&Dev (Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters Remix)