Last One Out

Last One Out

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Last One Out! Last One Out! Last One Out! Go ahead, chant it with us, you know you want to. We're college boys, we like to have fun, and we like to jam it out with some funky fresh beats. If you're feeling blue, just listen to our music and we promise you'll change color, you chameleon you! We know you like music and we also know you're down with supporting (really) small time musicians, so do yourself (and us) a favor...just have a listen. Whatever happens after that is up to...someone else....


Last One Out consists of four recent college graduates of Providence College. They started out in their sophomore year of college, and are currently pursuing music as their full-time job. Each member of the band is influenced by various musical acts, ranging from Led Zeppelin to The Kooks. They have been classified as many different genres, including pop, alternative, rock, and their favorite yet, "waterslide summer rock."


"Lovin' Tonight" and "Glue" can be heard on 95.5 WBRU during their "Home Bru'd" section of their broadcast. "Lovin' Tonight" can also be heard on 97.3 WJDF. These two songs are off of their EP "Double Whammy." Their first EP was called "Whammy."