Last One Picked

Last One Picked

 San Francisco, California, USA

Honest, American Rock music; Last One Picked engages the audience and makes each appearance an event to remember. Excellent musicians playing outstanding material; our performances are energetic, thoughtful and exciting. CONTACT: Chip Johnson 510-599-9997


LAST ONE PICKED is about music, friends and fun. We bring life to any room we play. Whether you're looking for an original roots rock act or a high energy bar band to get the customers on the dance floor, our quality and professionalism shines through every time we play.

Live music is supposed to be fun. That's why when you see Last One Picked you are drawn into our enthusiasm, because we truly love what we do. This energy becomes contagious and before long everyone joins the party; singing along and becoming part of the action.

Our original material is raucous and energetic. The cover material we play is almost too varied to describe. Sure, we're a rock band. There's no doubt about that. But what people don't expect is that we effortlessly move from The Rolling Stones to Tom Petty to Britney Spears to Queen to AC/DC to Wham. It's fun. It's unexpected and people absolutely love it.

In 2007, we released our first CD of Original music, "Strangers & Consequences". This 12 song effort, available on iTunes or at our website, showcases the talent of the four members of the band as well as the songwriting and story telling our fans love. Our 2nd CD is now in production.

Please consider LAST ONE PICKED for your venue or event. We bring the rock concert experience to any size stage, with energy, talent and a crooked smile.


"Strangers & Consequences" is Last One Picked's debut full length CD and was released on August 1, 2007. It is available on iTunes, C D Baby, and in the store at

Set List

Last One Picked is extremely versatile.
FOR SHOWCASE PERFORMANCES: Our original material is our passion. With two albums worth of material, Last One Picked is able to fit any bill and provide an outstanding experience for the audience.

FOR NIGHT CLUB PERFORMANCES: our cover sets offer a fun, high energy dance setting for a full evenings entertainment. Focusing on Classic Rock form the 70s, 80s & 90s music, our cover material engages the audience in a familiar, sing-a-long party:
Tom Petty
Bryan Adams
Tommy Tutone
the Rolling Stones
John Mellencamp
the Eagles
A Flock of Seagulls
Billy Idol
Thin Lizzy
The Cure
Cheap Trick
Beter Than Ezra
Gin Blossoms
Willie Nelson
and A LOT more.

We keep the dance floor filled and the customers happy & thirsty all night long.

Take your pick. Last One Picked is the right choice.