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LastPageFirst is currently #1 on the Christian Indie Chart and #49 on the Christian Rock Chart: and

"Smartly crafted songs that always aim for that contagious melody. A great rock album meant to cure the broken heart and to get the adrenaline pumping." -- Free Time Magazine

"The sleek production, intelligent lyrics and tightly-woven musical backdrop all add up to make Get Your Story Straight one enjoyable disc from start to finish." -- Rick Campbell, Christian Activities

It is often said that if you want to get to the best part of the story you have to read the last page first, but in this case, you will want to savor every last second of this power-pop foursome known as LastPageFirst. While over six years, the band has grown and established their signature sound, one thing is clear: making music is more than a job, it’s their passion. “Our goal is to build relationships with people”, says lead singer and guitarist Jeremy Call, who makes it a point to connect with their audience on a personal level. Equipped with a strong desire to reach out to their generation through song, the tracks you’ll encounter on Get Your Story Straight tackle subjects relevant to today’s teens (such as God, girls and relationships), along with the highly positive messages found throughout the disc. Armed with catchy hooks, infectious melodies and clever lyrics, LPF is destined to become a force to be reckoned with. They are described as passionate truth-tellers. Musically, they are a tight rhythm section that doesn't give an inch. "This CD is extremely well-produced; every song is clear as a bell and intelligently written. These guys have their finger on the pulse of a generation and they're telling it true." -- Kevan Breitinger ( Check out "Overdosed," a breath-taking beautiful postmodern lament for sincerity.

Currently on the project are Dow Brain & Brad Young of Underground Productions (Aerosmith, LFO, N'SYNC), Shep Goodman (Mandy Moore, Vitamin C, LeeAnne Womack), and Michele Vice-Maslin (Nick Carter, Eden's Crush, Backstreet Boys). The first track “Some Sweet Story” was written by the band and recorded with Robbie Takuc of the Goo Goo Dolls at his studio Chameleonwest Recording in Buffalo, NY.

LastPageFirst's commitment to fans, successful touring, aggressive online promotion, and their solid live show have made them a hit. The band has outgrown their hometown area of Western New York and is now advancing their career in Los Angeles, CA. They have a passion for touring, amazing hooks and melodies, and an album and live show that are nothing short of stellar. With crowd interaction that’s second to none, tightly choreographed moves, and an energy that explodes on stage, LPF promises a power packed performance at every venue. “People come to hear good music,” Call explains, “but we go a step further and give them an awesome show.” LPF will soon have sold out arenas chanting their name.

Radio Highlights:
1 Currently #1 on the Christian Indie Chart and #49 on the Christian Rock Chart
2 "Song for You" #4 on Christian Alternative Chart (Get Your Story Straight)
3 National radio promotion for the single “Song for You” debut on 220 Christian rock stations across the U.S. with the Damos Agency
4 Airplay on over 200 stations worldwide on the syndicated radio program ZJAM
5 Overdosed #1 on the High 5 @ 9 on 97.9 PXY FM Rochester, NY (Infiniti Broadcasting)

Touring Highlights:
1 West Coast U.S. Tour in the Summer of 2004 and the East Coast in the Spring of 2005 on The Extreme Tour (
2 Over 120 shows between June 2004 and June 2005
3 Shared the stage with acts such as Relient K (Capitol); Third Day (Essential); Jars of Clay; Juliana Theory (Epic); Bleach (Tooth & Nail); Kutless (BEC); Dizmas (Sparrow); Default (TVT); and PAX 217 (Forefront); Henry Rollins
4 Cornerstone Festival 2005

1 Recorded "Adam's Song" for Blink 182's Tribute Album (Pacific Ridge Records)
2 Get Your Story Straight distributed in Japan by Nutcase Entertainment
3 Recorded "Perfect Girl" by 19 Entertainment for Japanese Release of Get Your Story Straight
4 Over 375,000 plays on

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Some Sweet Story

Written By: Jeremy Call

I see the difference now, but I’m not sure how things just fall in line. I search my mind for someone that I trust more, but you’re the one I find. I'm not so easy trusting people simply because they ask me to. And yet it’s crazy you have never asked me, but I still do. *‘Cause I knew you loved me before you told me; before you said the words. I could see it in your eyes every time. And I know its more than some sweet story that you said to confuse me and it’s about time that I made up my mind about you. I know it’s hard to see, I need your patience please, I need to clear my head. My heart belongs to you but theirs still one truth; it’s not the first time these words have been said. (*)You… ‘Cause I would try and find a way that I could be the best for you today. (*)


Written By: Michelle-Vise Maslin

Standing still my mind in a blur thinking now or never. You’re walking by watching my every move; is this some test? I turn around and hope you don’t notice I’m just a great pretender. Screw’n off till next thing you know it’s another minute passed. I wish I could figure out what's really important. *So I’m taking one more step holding my breath like it’s the last time I’ll ever breath; inside I'm screaming. Don’t know what comes next, I feel overdosed. But reality keeps playing me like I'm not even close. Shooting straight that ain’t been my strong suit; it’s just a hazy picture. Real love I tune in on TV and even that ain’t clear. I keep thinking someday I’ll get it, once the numbness has faded. What's the difference you tell me, I’d really love to hear. Tell me how I can figure it all out; I am listening. (*)You there pointing the finger, what you look’n at. Who trying to prove you are; you think you are all that. Well I can tell you this one thing; I’m ready to make my move. I'm gonna get it; go deeper, nothing to loose.(*) Taking one more step and I don’t know what comes next. Taking one more step and I don’t know what; I don’t know what comes next.

Song for You

Written By: LastPageFirst

You let me crash at your place when things were rough at home. You even took my call, when your phone said roam. The kids that I grew up with, they use to laugh at you. But when things got crazy you’d always be around to laugh with me and tell me not to take my life so seriously. Not to let everyone influence me. *And I said hey! This song’s for you, for all the times you got me through. You helped me hold it down when life was crashing all around. Yeah this song’s for you; so many times you got me through. I knew I had you as a friend and that’s all that mattered in the end. You let me borrow your MXPX shirt. You stood up for me when she treated me like dirt. You tried to warn me about little miss can’t be wrong. I couldn’t see it so I fought you all along. You laughed at me and told me not to take this girl so seriously. Not to let her low rise jeans influence me. (*)


Get Your Story Straight
A Tribute to Blink 182 (Adam's Song) - Pacific Ridge Records
Get Your Story Straight plus 2 bonus tracks and DVD - Nutcase Entertainment (Japan Release)