Last Parade

Last Parade

 New York City, New York, USA

Performing songs that range from alternative to punk to country and back, Last Parade is an artist that cannot be typecast or fully described without saying "you just have to see it." He'll dazzle you as a solo act or with his band. Give him a stage and he'll give you something to remember.


My name is Patrick and this is my Last Parade... I know what you're thinking. "Oh great, another artist who plays under a different name. Let's listen to some more droning about love lost." Well granted there may be some songs along said theme, but I have three major qualities that set me apart (the trifecta). First is stunningly good looks. We're talkin classic beauty that's also modern, but in a retro way. Secondly (and more importantly), my music is a reflection of me, meaning it is diverse, ranging from punk songs to country songs to alternative songs (you get the idea), and honest. It is also incredibly good looking (a true reflection). I write what I feel, and let you take from it what you want. I put everything I am into each song, and regardless of the size of the crowd, as long as there's a place to play and an outlet to plug into, I always leave an impression. The thing I often hear when people try to describe what I do is "you just have to see it," which brings me to the third major part that sets me apart: the live show. As a solo act I utilize a loop station, guitar, and my voice (sometimes as a drum, sometimes as a synth, sometimes as, get this, a voice) along with my custom pedalboard to build songs up from scratch live. With my backing band of guitar, bass, keys, and drums I bring the full package - no need for theatrics or sparklers onstage, I tap into a little something called raw emotion (direct quote from a fan post-show: I've never seen someone play with such conviction). Throughout the show the focus though remains on the songs themselves. Having played all across the state of NC with (please watch your feet as I drop these names) Paulson, House of Fools, Far-Less, and Between Home and Serenity, to name a few, I've set my sights on the big city (and surrounding area). I'd love nothing more than to show you what I do. We live in a world that's become so polarized and compartmentalized we often don't see what we're missing. Open your eyes and see where it takes you...


Head Held High

Written By: Last Parade

If I could walk on down that line with my bare feet and guitar too, well there won't be a thing that I can't do.
I could wrestle with a lion with a hand that's tied behind, while still singing a song or two.
But all these things mean nothing if I do them without you.

I've tried to live a meaningful life, I give thanks and praise that's due.
I always try to smile and laugh often.
And when it becomes my time I'll meet my Maker with a smile and say "How do you do?"
Cause I know that all the hard times will be through.

There's things in life I don't understand, sometimes this world's really cruel.
But don't ever let it get to you.
Just take that cruelness in stride and you'll see that in time it only affects the fool.
Cause the wise man's happy living life and living true


Written By: Last Parade

What will you show for me tonight?
Keep me from reality tonight.
What silly cartoon king or star that's not acting, what will you put before my eyes.

Oh no we've got to take a ride.
I'm about to be bored out of my mind.
Thank God for DVDs, an in-car TV screen, so I don't have to talk to you for a while.

Why are we suffering from this attention deficit disorder when all we needed was a smile?
We're living in a time of neglect and prioritization-
Can't this wait? Idol's on tonight.

A Poem

Written By: Last Parade

I belive in the poetry, the streets are filled with dreams that pass me by and disappear instantaneously
I believe this to be so much more than a line on a page, I'm not a sage, I'm not as wise as I speak to you and you are not who you used to be
Can you see that outside they laugh and cry, as the thunder crashes and I die to be whole again
There's nothing I want to say, but it's OK, just let the worlds flow from my mouth and then you will see
The arguments they carry weight, bear down the freight of this great nation polarized yet again
We're not free
We're slaves of a routine, and a scene, and a style of a person I'm told knows all of what's all the rage
It doesn't mean a thing
Cause inside they hunger for more than the burdens and the chores of the petty life they live
I cry out let's rise up and down the streets, tear down the sheets, and build something that's real again
It can be, can you see?

I watched as the streets sang poetry into my eyes
And tribulations, indications of something better than this
Cause this is not you
This is not me
This is not who we were meant to be, C, D, E, F, G, I can't think
Without a face
Without a line
Without a rhyme
It's a crime
Where's the sign
To tell me I'm right, left at the intesection in sight, I'm blind to all that I see, believe this to be A Poem, and nothing more

Shape Of Her Demise

Written By: Last Parade

Right when you kissed her, you knew it was a mistake, you never should have let her in your life. She screamed bloody murder, but didn't leave your bed, a desperate fantasy gone awry.

And oh, how she fell for that line, caught between words and wine.
It never had worked so well.
With your charm on parade, it's the day that you saved from certain self-destruction.

She opened her doe eyes, they whispered back your lies, to the conscience you left lying on the floor. Your conscience ignored her, your body deplored her, to silence what her eyes were saying to you.

And oh, how she fell for that line, caught between words and wine.
It never had worked so well.
With you charm on parade, it's the day that you saved from certain self-destruction

Compromised by all these lies again, did you think it would last?
Place her hand in mine, lead her away, and save yourself the pain.
Won't you give up, it's not enough, to fulfill this emptiness.

Her pulse then did quicken, her body was stricken, your conscience caught her in its open arms. She gasped that she's leaving, as she admired the ceiling, it's patterns formed the shape of her demise


2010 - Lead Me Home EP
2007 - The Koman Sessions: Live Recordings - EP
2006 - We Are The Stars Of Suburbia - EP

Set List

Typical set list ranges from 10-15 songs, for a show that is an hour to an hour and a half long. I can (obviously) also play shorter sets, and have done a fair amount of opening slots of 30-45 min. I do a small amount of covers (emphasis on SMALL) which I choose and are ecclectic, ranging from Johnny Cash to Between The Buried And Me (yes a metal band, yes I do a singing acoustic cover, check me out online for that one). I don't see the point in listing my songs on here, so if you'd like to get a list, let me know and I'll send it your way.