Last Place Hero

Last Place Hero


upcomming alternative rock band with an original sound.


Last Place Hero is an upcoming Alternative Rock band from Hastings, MN. We have only been together for two years and are working towards a cd release in the summer of 2007. We are extremly energetic and love it when the crowd goes wild. We have played at many benifits to raise money for cancer patients, and the katrina victems. So in conclusion we just love to play music.


Hold On

Written By: Last Place Hero

Whispers in a call
Say you’re gonna fall, don’t fall Pause……..
Be strong stand tall
Give it your all and recall
All the good times you had
That made you feel glad Hold on (hold on hold on)
And hold on…. Hold on (hold on hold on)
Hold on…….
Hold on…….
I’m not ready to choose
Not ready to loose
I’m not ready to go
With nothing to show
And hold on
Hold on……..

and I will hold on
when it seems
like you’ve gone
but I can’t hold on forever

and when the smoke clears
if I’m still standing here
I’m sure it will all be better

He treated you bad
Took every thing and ran
Now you cry where you stand
Watch your whole life disband
With no reason to stay
But you won’t run away
And hold on…..

Don’t tell me its
Only a movie

Cause I know its more than it should be

So someone pleas pull me
Out of this storm cause im dyin


2 demos with 4 originals on each.

Set List

a mix between originals and covers(for crowd pleasers). we usually play for an hour when with other bands on the venue...when needed we've been known to play anywhere between 2 and 3 hours
Based on 1hr set

Modern Samurai (original)
My own worst enemy (Lit)
Not the One (original)
This is a Call (Thousand foot Krutch)
Hold on (original)
All the small things (Blink-182)
Joe's Song (original)
Hiding in my dreams (Original)
Save me (original)
Beautiful Day(rocked out version of U2)
867-5309 (rocked out version of Tommy Tutone)
Give Up (original)
Scotty Doesn't Know (Lustra)
These Kids Aren't Alright (Offspring)

and More if needed...