Last Stand for Lucy

Last Stand for Lucy

 New York City, New York, USA

If Joy Division and The Cure had a baby and then Quicksand and Helmet had a baby, then those two babys had a baby. We would have to be that baby.


Following their first E.P., Bastards of Gramercy (2010), Last Stand For Lucy is back with a new record, Dysthymia (2011), which is being released as two
five-song E.Ps. True to its title, the sound of the latest release is based on hauntingly dark melodies, provocative lyrics and sharp musical arrangements.
The album, written and produced by Derek Nicholas (guitar) and Michael O'Neil (singer, guitar), debuts a new rhythm section with the addition of Jon Serwinowski (drums) and Josh McElroy (bass). Together, the band has created an updated sound for Last Stand For Lucy, showcasing more aggressive tones, infectious guitar hooks, and prolific songwriting, by drawing inspiration from such bands as The Cure, Joy Division, The Cult, Sisters of Mercy and Therapy?

"Robert Smith (The Cure) has always had a great way of articulating simple ideas by making his lyrics very accessible” says singer Mike O'Neil. "I’m pretty honest. I just want to say what I need to say to get my message across."
In the album's feature single, “Heartless Son of a Bitch”, O’Neil’s piercing accessibility couldn't be more pronounced: "That face that you wear,
This hole in my chest, In constant repair, This plays out just like the rest."
The album songs demonstrate the band's ability to combine passionate vocals, heartbreaking lyrics, guitar hooks and edgy beats into versatile and popular music. "I think Joy Division had a way of making room for both vocal and guitar hooks in their songwriting," says guitarist, Derek Nicholas. "We try to base our songs around those elements."
"Restless", the first track on the record, lures you in with a friendlier, slightly more mainstream sound, whereas "Heartless Son of a Bitch" and "Small and Precious" are both aggressive stunners – they are as catchy as they are dark. "Seven" is the band’s hardest hitting track on the record, and "On Your Good Advice" is thoughtful and melancholic, demonstrating the band’s range of musical and emotional diversity.
The band’s sound is complex but their approach is simple: get out there and play rock n’ roll! The album Dysthymia is a tribute the melodic, British goth rock of the 80's, and to the grit found at the heart of modern, American rock n’ roll



Written By: Michael O'Neil


Now I know you're keeping score
From every word I've ever said
You wear my patience thin
so when will this end?
I cant take anymore
No I can't...

No I can't sit still
I'm Restless

For everything
For the blood stains
For the sand in my bones
and the heart that you break
For the wasted
and the worn out
While you're carrying on 
I have to carry without

Now your boring me to death
I've heard this speech before
This conversations old
You better get a hold of yourself 
before I leave
cause I cant...


Bastards of Gramercey (2010)
Dysthymia Part 1 (2011)