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Fresh hip-hop. 90's influenced rhymes and flow with funk and soul inspired beats. Written, produced and recorded entirely by LSP. LSP's rap can be chill, bumping, or hardcore depending on the track and his mood of the day.


For hip-hop artist Last Standing Poet (LSP), growing up in the Middle East meant living in a region that still hadn’t yet embraced the hip-hop culture. In 2001, while still a freshman in high school, Last Standing Poet witnessed his first real cypher and his life revolved around hip-hop ever since. During that year, he began to experiment with beat making while developing his flow and honing his freestyling. With no one around him to provide production advice or direction, a young LSP taught himself how to produce his own beats, and recorded his very first LP in his own home set up.

Nearly a decade later, LSP continues to live hip-hop. He became so entrenched with the music, that when he moved to London, England, he pursued media production at a university-level, attaining a degree with First-class honors.

During that time he has released numerous projects including: two EPs, a mixtape, a “Fixtape” that used major artist’s vocals mixed with his own production work, and numerous single track releases, amassing a large repertoire of quality recordings that has turned the heads of many industry professionals.

Still based in the UK, LSP formed his own production company and independent label, Poetic Front Face ltd. and continues to fully produce and record his own music from the confines of his home studio. To round out 2009, he dropped his music video debut, once again undertaking the direction and editing himself.

Currently in a UK urban scene dominated by grime and dubstep, LSP continues to focus mostly on “traditional-style” hip-hop. He draws his inspiration from sounds and styles found in the UK and US, along with his mixed German and Arab upbringing.

Once holding the number 1 spot on Jordanian radio charts for 3 straight weeks, LSP continues to be heard regionally throughout the Middle East on DJ Shadia's "Fifth Element" weekly syndicated radio show, all while making a name for himself in the United Kingdom.


The First Verse (2001)
The Shop EP (2007)

Recent Single Releases:
All Day I Puff (2009)
Talking Mad (2009)
H,S,&B (2009)
Turn the Lights Off (2009)

Misc. Projects:
The "Fixtape" (2008)

Guerrilla Video Debut (2009)

"No Memories" Memories Remix + Video (2010)

All tracks and new music video available for streaming at

Set List

30-45 minutes of new material peppered with old crowd favorites like "Forgive Me Officer" from The Shop EP and straight off the dome freestyles with crowd interaction (Let the crowd toss words or a theme and LSP will freestyle it.)