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This band has not uploaded any videos



"LSD Q & A"

There was no inspiration stated for Mike.

Q: What are your names and how do you spell them?

A: Jon Watkins, Joe Cole, Doug "Ziggie" Herrick, Britney Holt, Mike Foxx

Q:What instrument do each of you play in the band?

A:Jon-Vocalist, Joe-Guitar, Britney-Bassist, Ziggie-Drums, Mike-DJ/Programming

Q:What genre of music would you consider your band?

A: Alt. Rock

Q:What inspired you to start the band?

A:Jon-Break the Cycle by Staind and In Utero by Nervana, Britney- Otep by Sevas Tra and End to Come by Mudvayne, Joe-Sex Pistols, Ziggie-Band teacher at Sunrise Mountain.

Q:Explain more about your debut album.

A: There will be about 11 songs on it. Title will be Decadence. Will be released in January '10. Recording at Toxic Professional studios in Gilbert, AZ.

Q:How do you want to impact your audience?

A:Have them hear the deep meaning in the songs and prove there is still good local music.
- SMHS Newspaper


"Decadence" (LP)- Release date: JAN '10



Last Step Down was birthed in the month of August 2007 in Peoria, Arizona at a nice, healthy weight of 4.0 oz and measuring at an impressive 12 inches. Prior to their birth, they spent time in the musical uterus creating unique original songs straight from their developing hearts. Kris Wyman, Joe Cole, Brittney Holt, and Doug Herrick formed the original lineup. And soon after birth they added on as a rhythm guitarist Jon Watkins.

After the lineup was set, LSD went straight to work on making a set of unforgettable songs such as; “My Angel” and “Stain”. After making a brief four song EP called “Angels to Ashes” in November, they brought Andreas Mena in to replace Brit Holt on bass. December of 2007 brought to Last Step Down their first show at The Sets in Tempe, where they played a packed show.

Immediately they began creating a buzz for their “high energy” shows and “emotional” songs. From January till late April of 2008 they continued to play shows to extremely enthused audiences. Yet, due to his relocation to Doral, Florida Andreas Mena left the band, leaving Brittney Holt to regain her rightful place as bassist. Meanwhile, Kris Wyman left LSD, leaving Jon Watkins to take the spot as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Additionally, Doug Herrick moved to Ohio at this point, leaving us to nab a talented drummer by our next show. Daniel Webber, of “Hamilton Spits”, lent a hand for our return to our debut venue. Needless to say, he opened our eyes to our biggest song yet, “Art Of Control”. The summer of 2008 was Last Step Down’s biggest summer of change.

August 2008 Last Step Down switched drummers for the second to last time when Dan Smith entered the journey of LSD. Testing him out a show at Big Fish Pub in Tempe, Arizona Dan introduced a new dynamic to the band they thought impossible. Empowered with a strong lineup, they entered the studio to begin creating their strongest songs yet. Meanwhile, they picked up the very talented Mike Foxx as their rhythm guitarist, after reuniting with him at local show. By the end of September 2008 they had recorded another EP entitled, “EP Of September” featuring “Art Of Control”, “Faded”, and a song written by Andreas Mena called “The Void”.

Picking up speed, Last Step Down hit as many venues as possible in the period of November 2008 till late March of 2009, where Dan Smith was replaced by Ziggy Hillcrest on drums and percussion. Not soon after, Foxx stepped down from the guitar to add the missing piece to the unique and dynamic sound of LSD. With his DJ skills he intelligently added programming reminiscent to that of early Linkin Park and Deftones.

With the lineup finalized, Last Step Down is finally ready to record and release their first full-length album. With much in store for them, such as opening for bands such as Digital Summer, and national touring in the future, it is not irrational to think Last Step Down will soon be known as one of the biggest upcoming bands from Arizona since Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars.