Last Time Felons

Last Time Felons

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We're rap artists from the south. We feel that rap to day has lost it's meaning. So we're gonna change that.


We speak on everything from politics to livin' life. Of course we got some fun songs too about like women and drugs. We are totally independant, we do all our own everything from album art and lyrics to shows and promotion. There is definitely a strong influence from 2pac in our vibe, but we almost sound alternative sometimes, then metal, then country, and then back to rap. It's crazy, but how we feel is how we lay it down.
All 3 members went to high school together and then after they graduated in 99 they didn't see each other for like over a year. Makin' music wasn't even an option back then. But during the year that they were apart Lazy and B.C. made some friends that freestyled. Lazy And B. didn't freestyle themselves, but they were really intrigued by it. Any way when they met back up in 2000, they got to talkin' about their boys that rapped. So that day they spit some free rhymes at each other and that is the day this thing started. Even though they didn't know it yet. They kept freestylin' on their own time. Lazy bought Music generator on the playstation and started makin' some beats. Then at Voo Doo fest in New Orleans in 2002. Right after they watched Jurrasic 5 perfom, all 3 felons were standing there watching some chick DJ on stage and she was just switching the beat loops with touch of button. We looked at each other and said we can do that. Around new year's day in 2003 they write their first song " start Kneelin". They rapped it to one of Lazy's beats and recorded on a the computer using alil' baby mic. They were amzed at the sound of it, but they knew the beat wasn't that great. So they bought a used roland groove box, which was meant for techno, from a local musician. They slowed the tempos down and began writin' more songs. They setup shop in Lazy J's parent's house, where they would record. They had wrote and recorded at least 15 tracks before they tried to take it to the level. They brought thier songs to old friend who was now music promoter. He listened to it and sent them to a local a producer named Serggio.
This is where they recorded thier first album, "New Breed of G's." They also, perform for the first on stage through two of the gigs that Serggio had setup. Then Serggio decides to sell all of his studio equipment because times were short. So at a bargain price the Felons bought his equipment.
They immediatley setup the studio and begin promoting thier new investment. The hook thier own show in thier home town at a local bar. Through thier shows they have come in contact with many local artists. In 2005, they released "Rat Pack '05" which was a compliation of themselves and all the other artists that they met. Then Lazy finds the number of a professional and established producer in Metarie off the internet named D-Funk. He schedules an appointment and the next thing you know, D-funk produced Lazy J's solo album "Still on Fire," which was in April 2006.
B.C. however, released his solo album in October 2006, "Guilty till proven Innocent". B.C. produced, engineered, and graphicly designed his enitre album. "Guilty till proven Innocent" was created with one main purpose: To expose a police cover up from 2001 that of course involved B.C. himself. You can find the entire background story at We want as many people as possible to read this page!!!!
What's next for the Felons??? Well, Lazy J almost completed his follow up solo album "Die Hustlin", which should be released in the Summer of 2007.


2004 "New Breed of G's"
2005 "Rat Pack '05"
2006 Lazy J's "Still on Fire"
2006 B.C.'s "Guilty till proven Innocent" we have internet radio play

90.9 FM KSLU plays "Bust Back" and "Do what U do" from B.C.'s "Guilty till proven Innocent".
Call 985-549-KSLU to make a request!!!!!

Set List

We usually do a 45 min. which is about 11 or 12 songs. No covers only original.