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Last Time Only

Port St Lucie, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001

Port St Lucie, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2001
Solo Rock Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"You're the One I Want To Listen To Beautiful Music Witth"

Listening to ‘Past+Present=No Future’ by Last Time Only gives me hope that there is a future for the music industry after all. This EP has everything you could ask for if you are into acoustic music. This artist is a must for everyone who considers himself or herself to have excellent taste in music. You can tell that Jared Woodruff has got that special something that you need to write quality music. You can teach someone to play guitar and to sing like he does, but you can’t teach anyone to come up with songs this good. The songs are in fact so good, it is worth talking about my favourite ones individually. The EP starts off with the song ‘The things we tell ourselves’, and while this is just a shorter intro song, it is very well written and the guitar melody will take you on a journey you didn’t even know you desperately needed to take! The next track that really stands out to me is the song called 'You’re the one I want to listen to beautiful music with’ is a more up-beat song and it makes a nice change. This is is incredibly catchy and is my personal favourite song on this EP. I can see some of this being played on major youtube channels and on national & international radio stations. I can also see some of this being used as a soundtrack for a TV program or maybe even a film. I love the soft, yet powerful acoustic guitar and the way everything just works together perfectly in the tracks. You can tell Jared Woodruff has been doing this for over a decade now and I think such dedication and passion will always be rewarded. It is especially surprising to hear such emotion and passion in these songs, because he has actually been part of a Punk band before this. Not only are the songs written in very professional way, the quality of the mixing and mastering is also top notch and this can definitely compete with world class artists. For all those reasons I definitely think this EP deserves 5 out of 5 stars. - Pure Pop/Punk


Last Time Only started out has band project and has turned into a solo act consisting of Jared Woodruff and his acoustic guitar. Woodruff is currently releasing a 6 song EP titled “Past+Present=No Future” and will touring most of June in over 13 states promoting this release. Since the band’s inception Jared Woodruff has always been responsible for all the music and lyrics.

The “Past+Present=No Future” title of the EP is in reference to some of the songs being older, up to 13 years, (but never recorded) and brand new. Jared Woodruff aka Last Time Only, has set a new height for following acoustic-guitar rock competitors. It is truly touching to know that there is someone out there who believes in the power of words and music, as Woodruff clearly does.

The moment the picked guitar-notes kick-off “The Things We Tell Ourselves”, you know you’re in for something special. This Ep is one of the few – in a long time – that has made me toe-tap, think, sing, and sulk, all at one time. It is truly powerful music, especially considering the minimal instrumentation.

The EP is even more amazing, considering Woodruff comes from a punk band. Though he keeps his alternative, punk generator running in the background throughout the songs, the sound is melodic, vibrant and bright. You can tell with every song that Woodruff has put his heart and soul into every note of this music here.

Even a relatively sad song like “South Jersey Romance”, has a tune you can hum to, words you can relate to, and the feeling it gives you when you wake up to it in the morning is completely refreshing – especially after confirming that ‘there’s plenty of fish in the sea’ and you have ‘reeled another one in’!

You need to get this EP if you are into catchy acoustic-rock, emo and alt-pop, it’s totally awesome. You will be singing along and it won’t leave your player. The chord progressions on “Until I See You Again” are sublimely delicious as is Jared Woodruff’s vocal impact on this, and every other song on “Past+Present=No Future”.

This album features catchy melodic vocal arrangements, entwined with Woodruff’s ever present acoustic-guitar playing that makes for easy listening without even contemplating the lyrics. However, if you’re one to go a bit deeper, past the overall sound of the EP, you’ll find yourself drowning in Last Time Only’s amazing lyrics set; especially if you are in the midst of a relationship that seems to be spiraling to its doom. Woodruff will either uplift you, or totally break you with his inter-relationship psyche, that moves from “You’re The One I Want To Make Beautiful Music With” to “Will She Ever Know”.

However it’s the closing song that is worth the entire EP in my view. On “Past Mistakes”, Woodruff’s genuine and heartfelt lyrics are simple yet powerful, and his voice is clear, honest, and full of raw emotion. The melody just soars and climbs higher and higher, until the song explodes with passion. This is superlative music that transcends genres. This song will be in my player a ling while yet!

Each song on “Past+Present=No Future” seems to represents a time, conversation, event, or thought that once crossed Jared Woodruff’s path. He uses lyrical imagery, sumptuous melodies and an eloquent voice to convey his meaning while each song clearly draws us right into the core of its theme. - Jamsphere


2003 Full Length Soft Cry For a Last Chance
Second To You can be heard on Slap Radio
2006 Which Way To Brooklyn



In May 2015 Last Time Only is releasing a 6 song EP title Past + Present = No Future and will complete an extensive tour to help promote it. The story behind the CD title is based on some songs being older (but never been recorded) and some material being brand new. Currently performing as a solo act LTO front man Jared Woodruff has written all music and lyrics from the beginning. Jared enjoys performing LTO as a band, but also embraces the solo singer/songwriter and relishes the chance to perform the songs as he originally wrote them. This EP is a culmination of many years of writing and the full story of LTO is below.

Last Time Only... has now been around for over a decade and are still chasing the dream. LTO is the brain child of founding member Jared Woodruff as a result of being the singer/song writer/ guitarist for a punk band and some of the material written being at odds of the former band. Jared felt the need to create LTO as an outlet for some softer material. Well almost 15 years later the passion still drives Jared and hence more Last Time Only material. After being a solo act for a few years Jared enlisted the help of good friends/great musicians Brad, Vinny, and Chazz and recorded a full length album titled Which Way to Brooklyn in 2006. It was a combination of old and new songs Jared had written. They played tons of shows, had a record release show that drew over 200 people, and topped the pure volume unsigned artist charts twice when they were featured on the main page. Not only did they top the charts but blew away the competition!!!! Fast forward 5-6 years and LTO is now a Florida based band with Jared having moved to south Florida years back. After holding down a day job as teacher, Jared has found time to continue LTO and could not be happier.

After 10 years with multiple breaks and periods of hardcore music writing, the ladder is currently happening with new LTO music for the first time in years. It was just a matter of being lazy and not recording anything, plus not touching a guitar for a while did not help. LTO will ride out this new wave and play some shows. record new material, and hopefully make a few new fans in the process.

In an effort to promote his latest release Past + Present = No Future, Last Time Only is currently gearing up for tour in June 2015 that will cover 12 states and over 15 shows. Questions and bookings can be done at

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