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"Need to listen.."

“I'm a sucker for melodies and harmonies and Last Try suckered me in. Put this band on your 'watch' list, as their new EP 'Oh, Hello' can take them to that next level. “ -Tim Towner(Owner of -

"Which bands think pigs say 'Woof'?"

You've seen us on Warped Tour, Rock the Bells, and the Mayhem Fest all summer—with clipboards in hand and asking showgoers to sign our petition that asks for pigs to have the same legal protection that dogs have. So what's up with that pig who's saying "Woof" anyway?

With the Woof! campaign, we're just trying to show that the only difference between pigs and dogs is the way that we treat them.

OK, so pigs say "Oink" and dogs say "Woof," but that's about the only difference. That's why we want pigs to be given the same legal protection that dogs have. Pigs are intelligent animals—even more so than the dogs we call "pets"—yet some people still call pigs "dinner."

If pigs can feel pain just as people can—and they're more intelligent than Rover is—then why are they still treated so differently? If you agree that pigs deserve as much legal protection as our canine friends, then join the growing list of artists—including Alkaline Trio, A Day to Remember, Say Anything, My Morning Jacket, Story of the Year, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Valencia, TAT, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, The Pinker Tones, Longway, Ludo, The Human Abstract, and Last Try—who have signed a petition to help pigs get legal recognition.

- Peta2

"Last Try talks with Peta2"

Last Try is a band that hails from Jersey and is influenced by two of my all-time, personal favorites: Taking Back Sunday and Brand New...sounds good to me! Recently the band took a break from working on songs for their first album to chat with peta2. Read up and then be sure to check out the band's MySpace to see when and where the guys are playing next.

Do any of you guys have animal companions?
Vic--I have a cat named Tiffany. We live in Ocean City, New Jersey and during the winter time there is a horse and buggy that goes around the block. Last year when they were giving rides, the horse came trotting down the street and my cat was going nuts...her hair rose up on end and she was hissing so viciously at it. I didn't know cats could scream that loud! Jay also has three dogs. The one is a lot older than the rest and we call her "The Vet." She keeps the order throughout the house. Whenever the other dogs are barking, she's just lying there calm as can be. She's seen it all.

How long have you been vegetarian and what was it that made you want to make the switch?
Justin--I made the switch the beginning of April of 2006. It was like a teacher was discussing health and how meat can affect everything in the body and how it's bad for you in a way, and it started buggin' me out, ya know! During band class my friend was always saying stuff about what is done to animals...just so we can get fed we have to kill an innocent animal that is living. Imagine if that was you being killed to feed someone else, minding your own business then being tortured. That's what made me go vegetarian.

What do you guys think of dissection?
Justin--Our singer said he did a frog and a worm before and it was pointless. There are enough diagrams and videos of opened up animals, explaining their body systems, why do we have to keep on doing it first-hand? Students who don't wish to participate shouldn't have to. It's their right and their choice!

What other animal rights issues are important to you?
Vic--I saw a video on a website of a kitten getting injected with LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) for scientific testing. To put this into an animal of any type is just plain wrong. I couldn't honestly believe what I was watching. The kitten's balance was distorted and it couldn't walk properly...I'm sure it was never the same after that. Not worth it to me! It's sick what goes on in the "scientific" world as far as testing on animals.

Do you have any advice for kids who want to get involved with animal rights, but don't know how to get started?
Vic--Honestly the best place to go is right here at Nothing is more important than knowing what's going on in the rest of the world, yet it's hard when the evidence isn't presented to you. Here at peta2 you can watch the videos and read about and fully understand what's going on with the animals of our planet. peta2 is the perfect place to get started. Also try to find a group of people who believe in the same things you believe in and get together and spread the word. Express yourself.

On a lighter note, if you guys had to choose one animal that you each most closely identify with, what animal would it be and why?
Phil--a monkey. My GrandPop always used to call me "Monkey."
Vic--a seagull. I'm always the hungriest one in the band and I'm always taking people's food!
Jay--a horse...because they don't eat meat. They're raw, tough, and quick.
Ryan--a cat. He's always curious.
Frank--Most definitely a little puppy dog. He's the most clumsy in the band...breaks everything! haha

Too cute!
Hope all is lovely.


For Best Results- Single (2007)
Too Much Too Much- Single(2007)
"Oh, Hello" - EP (2008)
Chasing The Dream- Full Length (Due September 2009)



Last Try is a young and fresh Pop/Rock band from Ocean City, New Jersey that began in January of 2007 and include members Phil Nappen(Vocals), Justin Adams(Drums), Vic Lamanna(Guitar/Vocals), Ryan Mitchell(Guitar/Vocals), and Frank Kurtz(Bass). What makes these beach town natives unique is their ability to take their mixed feelings and put them into songs, introducing a new brand of beachy pop/rock and roll.

In two years of being together, the band has played many shows, including ones with multi-platinum artist Finch, The Color Fred, Forever the Sickest Kids, Just Surrender, and Houston Calls. They were also voted and chosen by judges to play the 2008 Vans Warped Tour in their hometown. They pressed their own record, and booked their own east coast tours, but that’s not all. Already, Last Try is proving what they can do in the industry. In less than a week, their EP “Oh,Hello” reached #40 on’s Top 100 list, as well as sold over 200 songs on iTunes. Their hometown shows also get sold out in minutes and average a crowd of 300 people.

They also are currently sponsored by SJC Custom Drums, KillBrand Clothing, and Rockstar Energy Drink. The group has also worked with PETA2 and for several interviews. Reporter Nicole from PETA2 had this to say, “Friends to animals Last Try is already proving that they are more than ready to meet the crazy-high standards set by all their Jersey predecessors—and even exceed them! “
Tim from also added, “I'm a sucker for melodies and harmonies and Last Try suckered me in. Put this band on your 'watch' list, as their new EP 'Oh, Hello' can take them to that next level. “

Last Try is recording their new record this June with producer Rob Freeman (Hit the Lights, Cobra Starship) and plan to continue to persuade their audience through their new brand of beachy pop/rock and roll.