Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday


Last Tuesday is a modern punk outfit who plays over 180 shows every year. They have released their Mono Vs Stereo national debut, RESOLVE, which was produced by Matthew Thiessen (lead singer of Relient K) and Joe Marlett (Blink 182, Foo Fighters).


The melodic punk outfit, Last Tuesday, from Harrisburg, PA, has gained a reputation as a great live band through their absurdly energetic stage presence and insane touring. Their two vocalist attack brings a dynamic wall of sound to every venue‚ while the band’s outgoing personality connects with the audience and makes everyone feel like a part of the show.

The bands firm commitment to their music and the effect/affect it may have on society‚ drives their positive message and dedication to meet as many kids as they can. Their goal is to defeat the message accompanying much of today’s music and a scene that is instilling self-centered‚ self-destructive behavior that will lead our youth to violence and depression. The mission is lofty‚ but the alternative is devastating.

With the release of their first nationally distributed album this spring titled "Resolve", the band has the musical tool necessary to accomplish this goal. The album was produced by the tag team efforts of Matthew Thiessen (lead singer of Relient K) and Joe Marlett (Blink 182, Foo Fighters) and showcases a mature, positive, and edgy modern punk sound for today's youth.

And so with all the motivation and focus possible‚ Last Tuesday gears up for the days‚ weeks‚ and months of hard working years to come.


"Resolve" (LP, Mono vs. Stereo Records) 2005
Produced by Matt Theissen and Joe Marlett
"Distractions and Convictions" (LP, Dug Records 2004
"Composition" (EP, Dug Records) 2002
"Dear Jessica" (LP, Dug Records) 2000