Last Under The Sun

Last Under The Sun

 Birmingham, England, GBR

Fast Chaotic Hardcore Punk Rock from Birmingham England.
Last Under The Sun includes members of Police Bastard, Jilted Generation, Less For Murder and Lokey.


Last Under The Sun is based in Birmingham and plays a mixture of punk and hardcore. The band has played live all over Europe.

Last Under The Sun played its first gig on 9th October 2001, at Manhattens, Hereford, UK with Eggraid and Redshift. A week later the band recorded "All Agents Defect" which was a 30 song Demo. When work was completed the band began work on an 8 song debut album called "Windfall".

In 2004 the band recorded "All Empires Crumble" and in 2004 and 2005 the band went to Holland, Belgium, France and Germany with Sensa Yuma.

On return from touring, Last Under The Sun began work on an album called "Gone" which was recorded and mixed in 2005 but after the departure of Neil Farrington was put aside until the band was able to start gigging again. The album didn't get a proper release until 2010.

In 2007 Pix-E joined the band on drums, he used to play in H8-Target and P.O.A. In 2008 Last Under The Sun started working with a new drummer called Simon Roe (ex-Rivers Edge), and the band started to work on new material again.

The band started working with Pid and Chris and toured Europe several times as a new line up of Police Bastard in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Members of Last Under The Sun remain with Police Bastard and are working on a new full length album but that's another story.

In 2009 the band heard the sad news that Neil Farrington had passed away, he played drums on "All Empires Crumble" and "Gone"

Last Under The Sun went to Europe three times in 2010 and completed work on a new release Called "Hooligan Jihad."

In 2011 the band heard of the sad news of Samuel Fry who passed away in September 2011, Sam had played drums on the "Defect" and "Windfall". The November Tour of Europe included songs that Sam had helped to write while he was in the band.

"Hooligan Jihad" 5 song CD EP was released 23rd November 2012 (Iron Man Records)

Some of the bands that Last Under The Sun have played with include: Subhumans, Active Minds, Red Flag 77, Drongos for Europe, Headjam, Bus Station Looonies, Kismet HC, Dufus, Tiny Elvis, Sensa Yuma, Tarantism, D.O.A, Agrotoxico, Unkind, Uganga.....

In 2009 Nick J. Townsend, Basement Sound Radio's METAL TIME Festival and Base Studios put a video together for Last Under The Sun - "Bring Me Their Heads" Directed by Martyn Kilvert

Pete Rhead put a video together for Last Under The Sun - "Reversa" and "Summers Day" from the album "Gone" which was recorded in 2005 and has used music by Last Under the Sun for a short film called "DIVIDERS."

There are a number of live videos of the band on youtube.

The band have recently completed their own videos for the songs "More Helicopters," "OK Bye," "Gone," "Beautane," and you can find them on youtube.


More Helicopters

Written By: Mark Badger

Had me sign a dotted line
sent me out there doing time
trained me hard, worked my mind
we broke their hearts and blew their minds

how many people die
for a worthless cause
how many people die
i dont wanna die
in some desert war
i dont want to die

think of all of them back home
we're out here fighting on our own
spend their time in politics
send us fighting into shit

how many people
for some stupid war
how amny people die
i dont want to die
in your fucking war
i dont want to die

now i'm coming home, now i'm coming home, i dont want to die, i dont want to die
too many mistakes were made, to the sound of a rotarblade, i dont want to die, i dont want to die
back from this living hell, to the land of the infidel, i dont want to die, i dont want to die
back from this living hell, to the land of infidel, i dont want to die, i dont want to die

and so i lie here waiting, time waits for no man here, they let us go in our own way

and so the money goes in, they fly the wounded back, how many people left behind?

OK Bye

Written By: Mark Badger

You keep us afraid
of what they might do
2 million walked the streets but still you went ahead
you sit in your chair
and think youre bullet proof
a stroke of your pen will send them to their death

youre just a chair man
protected by law
you offer justice
no one can afford
you watch on tv behind your walls
now we've come for you
come to stop your war

ok bye, ok bye, ok bye ........etc (re do all these in your own style or your asian call centre woice.... but try and vary each one a little bit)

They Call You Chairman
the "madman"
how long can you ignore millions at your door
your "guns" on our streets
ordered to fire at .....
now we've come for you
we've come to stop your war.......

ok bye, ok bye, ok bye


Written By: Mark Badger

Today could be a good day
Today could be our last day
You never know your time to die
My days are spent far underground
Away from infra red and gunsights
They'll never find us here

Ill put them back
Ill put them back into the ground

The tress keep me invisible
No human eye will ever find me
I wont come quietly
There are no devils in these hearts
But their actions cannot pass me
I'll take them one by one

Ill put them back
I'll put them back into the ground

Ill put them back


Written By: Mark Badger

One Last prayer to the god of despair
(no going home, theres nowhere to go)
one more drop for the firing squad
(youre up to the wall, up to the wall)
the shot will stop you dead on the spot

all i hear, the railway lines, how many years will it take

nothing but the long slow drop
(no turning back, its all going black)
how deep will you go, into the hole
(into the hole,youre into the hole)
huddled masses, cold in the dark

all i see, the black and white, flickering screen of despair

the sun burns down, on a desert world
nothing but concrete and waste
i see it all, i see it all, through a can of butane

money buys, all you dont need,
a stab in the back for your greed
i see it all, i see it all, all time stands still

I'm beautiful, so beautiful, through a can of beau-tane etc etc

Hooligan Jihad

Written By: Mark Badger

50 Dogs
Broken Burner
Freezing Squat
No Light

Hooligan Jihad

Gender Terror
Ice Cream
Vegan Kitchen

Hooligan Jihad

Broken Sink
Plum Vodka
Pedal Power
Banana Wine

Hooligan Jihad


"All Agents Defect" 30 song Demo 2001 (Digital Download only on Last.FM)

"Windfall" 8 Song CD Album recorded 2001 released May 2004 (Iron Man Records)

"All Empires Crumble" 5 song CD EP recorded 2004 released May 2005 (Iron Man Records)

"Gone" 17 Song CD Album recorded Sept 2005 released 2010 (Iron Man Records)

"Hooligan Jihad" 5 song EP recorded August 2010 released 2011 (Iron Man Records) as digital download only.

"Hooligan Jihad" 5 song CD EP recorded August 2010 released 23rd Novmber 2012 (Iron Man Records)

Set List

Devil's Masquerade

Bring Me Their Heads

Death On Credit

More Helicopters

OK, Bye




Hooligan Jihad

Death's Rifles

Inside Out

Time For Your Leaving

David Icke

(set Length 45mins)