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"Underground and Upcoming: Last Year's Model"

Last Year’s Model is a trio of sonic terrorists determined to eradicate lame music from the face of the world. Their style is bombastic—borrowing the herky jerky, manic song structure of The Locust and marrying it to the danceable groove of The Faint. Truth be told, their sound is loud, fractured, and little difficult to listen to at first, but after a handful of tunes, you can’t stop rocking to them. At a recent show at 200 Orchard Street in downtown Manhattan, LYM packed the back room with fans and onlookers who wanted nothing more than to have their ears molested by something other than the crappy indie rock that permeates most of the New York music scene. The band obliged, pumping out half an hour of dance tunes in near darkness, tearing up the room in distortion and deafening noise. Are Last Year’s Model an acquired taste? Perhaps, but judging by the buzz these guys are generating, the acquisition is coming fast, and resistance is futile.

-George Koroneos -

"Last Year's Model - Life Lik"

Last Year's Model refers to their own music as "robot
pop", and certainly, the 8 bit synth parts that sound
like they could be coming straight out of your NES.
Last Year's Model mixes punk-influenced guitars with
infectious pop sensibilities and decidedly video-game
sounding programming. Their three song E.P. "Life
Like", is part camp, part well-crafted pop, and in the
end, fun. "Life Like" owes a lot to '80's punk acts
that came of age in the nintendo era, especially that
era's more melodic examples. The EP begins with
"Disconnect", which is a bouncy, upbeat sounding tune.
The music always in a way undercuts the tone of the
lyrics. Vocalist, Collin, has an appropriate punk
snarl. The result is a dissonance between lyrics and
lyrical content with the music. The guitars ride
pretty prominently in the mix, which is not bad, in
fact, it suits the songs well. "Disconnect" is
probably the standout track on the EP: it manages to
blend a poppy sounding synth with meandering guitar,
it works. The next song showcases even more the bands
pop sensibility. "Tri" fixes undulating synths with
raucous guitars, and a vocal track that is subdued,
but again, owes a lot to pop music. "Tri" has a
new-wave feel, a sort of industrial lounge music. The
last track, "Infected" is an electro-punk anthem, with
a catchy chorus. This band has no problem creating a
hook in their songs. Some listeners might hear the
influence of other electro-punk acts in the last song.
"Life Like" is a pretty solid EP, what sets the CD
apart is a very well developed sense of song-craft.
The EP's three songs are catchy, in the same way a
good pop song is. - Grave Conserns Ezine


10/3/06 Apple IIe(p)
(1) See Through (2) Never Cared (3) Stupid Machine

Limited to 100 hand made copies. All songs written, arranged, mixed and produced by Last Year's Model

6.1.07 Life Like Extended Play
(1) Disconnect (2) Tri (3) Infected

Digipak. All package art and layout designed by Last Year's Model. Manufactured by disc makers. All songs written, recorded, mixed and produced by Last Year's Model. Vocals recorded by Nick Howard @ Swindle Ent.
Mastered by Nathan James.

Life Like available at cd baby, i tunes and other digital distributors.

8.8.08 New Wave of Attack Mode Robot Pop
(1) Welcome to New Wave of Attack Mode Robot Pop (2) Plastic Toy (3) Wish (4) Sleep (5) Computer Says, "No!" Episode IV: Prelude to the Cyberspace Rebillion (6) Computer Says, "No!" Episode V: Video Game-senpai Challenges Last Year's Model-kun (7) Computer Says, "No!" Episode VI: The Video Apocalypse (8) Never Cared (9) Stupd Machine (10) Thank You For Your Cooperation (11) Down

All songs written, arranged and produced by Last Year's Model. Recorded by Last Year's Model and Evan Neel. Original art and design by Evan Cairo. Ejector Cases and booklet assembled by Sire Press.

available at cd baby and online in August 08

10/08 Last Year's Model/Doctor Scientist Split 7 in.
(1) See Through (2) Dance Attack



One part machine precision and one part nervous breakdown, Last Year's Model makes music for the club inside the Commodore 64 inside your head. Having just finished their first full length album, the band is busy preparing for their second east coast tour while recording new music for a split 7" release this fall.

The band began as a duo in February 2006, but the current line up did not solidify until June 2007--four robots with one purpose: dance, dance, dance, ATTACK!!!

Last Year's Model has used all their available memory to create a new sound for you. They abandon the traditional idea of rhythm guitars in favor of 8 bit rhythm synths and hooky lead guitar lines, then add new wave / electro basslines and a combination of canned dance beats and live punk drums. This is the basis of their attack mode synthetic style. Please play Last Year's Model at high volumes. Please feel free to do spastic dance moves.